Smear and colposcopy

Hi everyone, knew to this page, just wondering if anyone has had the same of me as my Brain is boggled.

II am 24 years old with a 3 year old child. 

Ihave been having abnormal bleeding, lower belly pains, bleeding after intercourse. I went for scan on ovaries and came back fine.

I had my first smear in June, it came back CIN3, i got sent for a colposcopy in July which I had to have biopsy taken (no treatment done).

I got results saying there have been discrepencies between my smear and biopsy and they will be having a multidisciplinary team meeting regarding my results.  

I have recieved another letter saying they have had my smear and biopsy results example agai.  My smear is CIN3 and biopsy results were HPV changes only. They have made me an appointment for January to have another smear and another colposcopy at the same time.  has anyone else had this? Why do I have to have them done again. What is HPV changes.Only? Sorry for all the questions.

T Thank you