Smear and colposcopy said CIN1, turns out cin 3?!

So about two months ago I had my very first Pap smear.

came back as CIN1 and I went for a colposcopy and the colposcopy came back as CIN1 but the biopsy she did there came back as CIN2 and CIN3.

I went on to have a Lletz procedure Last Tuesday.

I thought the procedure was just going to treat the cells and they would just tell me whether or not thy had got them all but I found out on the day that it will also be testing for cancer and I am absolutely petrified.

I am scared as I have been getting progressively worse news along this.  

They said it was only a small area affected but I'm scared it goes up higher, and may require a hysterectomy or something and I'm only 24 and I really want children. It breaks my heart.

Can anyone tell me what to expect next?