Smear after pregnancy


So, my story goes as follows:

Nov '13 I had confirmed CIN2&3 and had LLETZ. Due to have 6 month smear in May '14 but fell pregnant in March '14 so had to miss my check up.

I'm now 5 weeks postpartum and booked my smear for 2 weeks time.

i know after pregnancy things can take a while to settle, but my post preg bleeding had stopped until yesterday when I had a show of blood so instantly thought it was my first period. However, I'm not soaking a pad and it's only every now and then when I wipe and just had a small blood clot. With bad cramping/back pain.

i guess I'm just really frightened that whilst being pregnant, things have got worse and now I've had my baby my symptoms are rearing their ugly heads.

Cancer scares me. And I'm truly petrified :( 


Hi Pink one :-)

Nice to meet you. I should let you know that 'bumping' a post doesn't place it higher up the list and also that there aren't as many of us here as there are on some forums, so you can expect not to receive any answers for several hours, probably especially on a Saturday night!

Just to add that your obstetrics team would not have allowed anything to get out of hand down there and I'm quite sure that any symptoms you have are more to do with the physical trauma of delivering a baby than for any sneaky oncological disorders. But, I am no doctor, any concerns you have should be mentioned to your GP or gynaecologist or whoever it is dealing with you just at the moment.

Be lucky


Hi Pink

Congratulations on your new baby. Having this worry on top of the trials and tribulations (and of course joy...) of a newby must be really hard.

From what I have read of your story here are my thoughts.

When you had LLETZ in Nov 2014 they must have been confident that they had removed the area with clear margins as I am certain they would have given you a sooner recall than 6 months if there were any concerns. The 6 month recall is standard to check that everything is ok and that you do not need further treatment and I think you would have to be really unlucky for it to come back and be anything nasty in a year having had successful treatment.

Pregnancy does all sorts of weird things to your body so try not to assign any unusual goings on as something sinister. Of course go for your smear test when you are ready to do so but I honestly don't think you need to worry unduly. This could well be your first period by the sounds of it and your body settling back in to the single life.

Much love to you, good luck with your smear. Keep well, eat well and don't let this ruin this special time.



Thank you ladies.

sorry Tivoli, spending too much time on BabyCentre! 

The doc at hospital said the margins must've been clear for them to want to see me every 6months - I don't understand the margin thing though?

i keep hearing awful stories of ladies who've just had babies and then discovering they have CC.

apparently pregnancy hormones are a risk factor - :-(

i have my smear next week - then it's that dreaded wait!