Small cervix...??

Hi Ladies,


I've mentioned this elsewhere but here's a recap: Smear test was done, results came back saying suspected CIN2 so I had my colp about 4 weeks ago.  I read up on the procedure and treatments etc so I could be fully prepared for the good, bad and the ugly!  Unfortunately the colp was inconclusive (the dyes didn't really show anything up at all, just a few really minor white spots) so a punch biopsy was taken rather than any treatments given.  The colposcopist did comment that I had a small cervix which I didn't pay much attention to at the time, I was too busy watching the monitor and seeing her applying gross liquids to my insides!!

Anyway, I had an appointment with my nurse for something else on Saturday and I asked about where my results get sent etc.  She did me a little favour and logged into the lab to check and see how it was all coming along.

She said that it was reading as severe dyskariosis so it's escalated since my initial smear result and the lab was now checking to see how invasive it was so I won't receive my 'official' results for another week or so.  I'm really panicking now that if the abnormal cells aren't visible via the dyes then it means that they're further up, and combined with my small cervix I'm wondering how the hell they'll deal with this?!  

Obviously I'm speculating as I haven't had my official results through but I'm the sort of person who will imagine the worst so that anything else is a bonus!

I just wondering if anyone else has dealt with something similar - small cervix with severe dyskariosis, and if LLETZ was still the treatment that was given??


Liz x

Oh, also forgot to mention, on the plus side - my nurse said there was no HPV present, so I guess that's good right!?