Small black spot on my vulva??

Hi Guys,

I'm newly diagnosed with cc and having read more posts in here I'm worried I might have VAIN too...I've had a small black spot at the front of my vulva for about 6 months now and thought it was a spot or ingrown hair but it's still there! I would assume after numerous biopsies, colposcopies and general examinations recently that someone would have noticed it if it was sinister but now I'm worried :( Its not grown or changed shape since it appeared...does anyone have any thoughts as to what it could be??

Thanks :)



well it's definately not vain as vain is in the vagina. The vulval equivalent is Vin. Does it itch? Most vin itches like mad. Next time you have a check up get it looked at, or if you are really worried go to your GP. If you are HPV positive you are at higher risk of all the 'ins' sometimes you have to point things out because the docs can be so hyper focused they are really only looking at one thing!! 


Cheers for the reply's not itchy precisely there...I itch in general down there occasionally but I just figured that's normal! I'm seeing the consultant later this week so I'll ask him to check! I'm finding out what my treatment plan is...can't wait to find out so we can just get on with it!! Xx