Small Amount of Bleeding Just Over 3 years Post Op - Update

Hi Ladies I don't post on here so often now but am really hoping someone out there can help me with this. I had my Radical Hysterectomy for Stage 1b in October 2013 and my check ups have all been fine since then. Today (mid morning) I went to the loo (sorry if tmi) and there was a small amount of fresh red blood on my panty liner. I wiped myself but there was no blood on the loo paper. Our Occupational Health Nurse said to get it checked out straightaway and I phoned my GP's practice. My GP wasn't there but they got another doctor to phone me back. She asked lots of questions including are you sexually active (no offers from George Clooney so that was a no). She said the most likely reason was the area was dry and sore due to a lack of hormones but they would need to have a look. The next available appointment is next Monday afternoon - a whole week away! I could accept her reason a bit more but for the fact I don't feel sore (she asked me that too) and I use Replens twice a week which is supposed to keep those parts moisturised. I know there are no magic answers but just wondered if this had happened to anyone else and what the outcome was. Any help/suggestions/advice would be hugely appreciated. Many thanks in advance Cheryl xx

My treatment was more recent however when that happened to me recently I called my nurse in a panic. She said that it can happen even years after treatment due to dryness, scar tissue etc. She suggested I pay attention and if it persists consistently for more than a week or two get it checked out. If it happens periodically it is not likely anything to be concerned about. It never hurts to get it checked out so your mind can be at ease. Hope it turns out well for you :)

Thank you so much for replying Boundie, that has reassured me a great deal.xx

Hi Cheryl :-)

Nice to see you around :-) Did George Clooney give you any reason for that decision? It's a bit mean-spirited of him isn't it! Hope you're well and that you appointment sets your mind at rest :-)

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Hi Tivoli

You can always make me smile!Smile  George said he thought he should be faithful to his wife now she is pregnant with twins lol!  And yes, it is terribly mean-spirited of him!

Thankfully there has been no more bleeding since Monday, it scared the hell of me when I saw it though.  Will be glad to talk it through with the doctor, guess she will have a look too.  I'll post an update in the hope it will help others in the same situation.

Hope you're well too.



Hi Cheryl :-)

I'm really well thanks :-)

That makes no sense! Sure he should be faithful during the TTC stage but now she's up on blocks surely she could share?? Wink

Do let us know how you get along :-)


Be lucky :-)

Hi Ladies

It's been a few months now since the original post but now have an update to the situation.  I did see the GP the following week but she said she couldnt see anything wrong, it was all clear and thought it could be thrush.  She prescribed me treatment for thrush and did a swab for testing which came back negative.

I had my check up with my consultant last Friday, told him about it and he said he'd have a look.  As soon as he did he said he could see the area that had bled (so much for the GP!) and he would prescribe hormone cream to be applied (via plunger) every day for a fortnight and then twice a week for 6 months.

Not entirely happy about having hormone (also a steroid) cream (especially with some of the possible side affects listed) but I totally trust my consultant and if thats what it needs then so be it.

Thought I'd let you know just in case anybody else out there is in the same situation.  Would appreciate any responses from ladies that have had the same treatment and how they got on with it.  Didnt think to ask if it could be a recurring thing but I guess time will tell and I can ask my consultant next time I see him.


Cheryl, xx