Slightly confused

Hi im new to this i had my colposcopy on 26.10.15 and had lletz treatment there and then. Not the best experience and had minor shock reaction afterwards so had to wait behind after for the shaking to stop. I got my biopsy results 19.11.15 which said CGIN and CIN3 but did not have clear margins so would need more treatment. I had a further colposcopy 21.12.15 and the dr advised me that he couldnt do the lletz again and i need a hysterectomy which i was not expecting. I havent slept much since and worrying myself sick. Any advice would be appreciated as im making myself crazy.

Goodness Kaz62, I am sure that news came like a bolt from the blue and I am not suprised that you are trying to make sense of your feelings Right now. I am afraid I am at a loss as what to say. However, I would maybe see if you could speak to your gp or nurse about how you are feeling, particularly if you aren't sleeping. 

did the doctor who told you you needed a hysterectomy make a follow up appointment with you or do you have a number you can contact him on? 


Sending you you a hug X 

Thankyou. I am trying to get into my go this wk to talk it through. The consultant is supposed to be sending me an appointment for a pre op discussion to go through things hopefully. It was just a shock but thankyou for the support