slightly better news after biopsy

Hi, I posted a couple of weeks ago after I had been told that the cancer was back in one site in my cervix and I needed to have a hysterectomy and my bladder removed! The worst 2 weeks of my life! I had the biopsy last Tuesday under general anaesthetic and about ten minutes after I woke up the consultant came round to confirm that I would need that amount of surgery! Went for appointment yesterday totally expecting to hear the worst and instead a very pleasant surprise: the biopsy didn't show any cancer cells! I still have to have the hystetectomy but the bladder is staying where it is! Feel like I've won the lottery! Obviously he will do a biopsy after the hysterectomy but feel I have been let off quite light. A lady posted last week she had a similar experience so is this quite common? Or is it a sign of the litigous times we live in that they have to tell us worst worst case scenario?

Hi Jill,


thats absolutely fabulous news and am so pleased you have had some good news.  I know what you mean about feeling you have won the lottery as I was then same when hearing my tumour was still confined to my cervix - mad eh?!

Wishing you well with the treatment and hope that there is no more cause for concern after such a worryin g time for you


love and best wishes