slight bleeding post treatment and all clear

Hello, needing some advice.

At the end of September I was told I had no obvious signs of cancer anymore and started my hrt. I have had sex once and bleed and freaked myself out a little from the blood but was told this is normal. But I'm getting slight spotting when I'm wipe and a slight pain. I was told the pain again was normal from the trauma of treatment but I'm concerned about this.


Sorry posted in wrong place xxx


Not been brave enough for sex bit yet. Was only 6 wks yesterday lol! 

If not happy with GP could ask to see someone else, see what they say? Thanks for posting as I will obviously be coming up to where u r soon.... good to know what probs other people haveexperienced x

Hope u get sorted xxx

I found my first visit to my GP since treatment to be really unhelpful, so I'd recommend speaking to your consultant if you haven't already just for peace of mind. Although they sound like normal side effects after treatment you've had xx