slight bleeding post all clear


Hello, needing some advice.

At the end of September I was told I had no obvious signs of cancer anymore and started my hrt. I have had sex once and bleed and freaked myself out a little from the blood but was told this is normal. But I'm getting slight spotting when I'm wipe and a slight pain. I was told the pain again was normal from the trauma of treatment but I'm concerned about this.

Hello, I suppose it would depend on the type of treatment you had. Did you have radiotherapy? I had a radical hysterectomy 4 weeks ago, no further treatment required. I’ve been told any bleeding down there after 6 weeks or an ache/pain that lasts longer than a week needs to be investigated straight away.
Are you maybe a bit dry down there from menopause symptoms?
If you’re not happy give your cns a call to discuss your concerns and hopefully they can put your mind at rest or at least take a look for you xx

Hi, sounds familiar. 

I was given an all clear in June but started to experience bleeding after sex in August.  It scared the life out of me but both my GP and cancer nurse assured me that it was probably just down to blood vessels bursting or scar tissue & that we needed to be using plenty of Replense Wink I do bleed regularly now & also get stomach cramps after sex but have been reassured its all ok, they even arranged an MRI {which I had last week} just to help try to reassure me, so if that comes back clear, we can stop getting in a panic everytime we see the red stuff. 

 Hope it resolves itself soon for you