Slight bleeding after sex

Hi , this is my first time on here , I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in July 2014  and have since undergone ,chemo and radiation /brachytherapy treatment 

which I finished in November 2014 , I then went on a trial program (the outback trial)  which finished at the end of February , I had a follow up full body pet scan

two weeks ago (may  2015) and am due to go back for the results next week (4june 2015) , I was feeling really positive  untill a couple of nights ago ,reason being 

one of my initial symtoms was unexplained bleeding after sex , not a lot but was bright red , and there was no pain associated with it , now after all my treatment 

I no longer had that , there has been no bleeding after sex , untill a few nights ago , this time it is not bright red blood , more a slight pinkish , I have had follow up

Internal exams and was told everything was healing nicely , so now I'm scared that the Cancer is still there , I was so hoping that when I went to my appointment next week 

that I'd get the all clear , has anyone else experienced something like this ? really scared