Slight bleed after sex

Hi , this is my first time on here , I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in July 2014  and have since undergone ,chemo and radiation /brachytherapy treatment 

which I finished in November 2014 , I then went on a trial program (the outback trial)  which finished at the end of February , I had a follow up full body pet scan

two weeks ago (may  2015) and am due to go back for the results next week (4june 2015) , I was feeling really positive  untill a couple of nights ago ,reason being 

one of my initial symtoms was unexplained bleeding after sex , not a lot but was bright red , and there was no pain associated with it , now after all my treatment 

I no longer had that , there has been no bleeding after sex , untill a few nights ago , this time it is not bright red blood , more a slight pinkish , I have had follow up

Internal exams and was told everything was healing nicely , so now I'm scared that the Cancer is still there , I was so hoping that when I went to my appointment next week 

that I'd get the all clear , has anyone else experienced something like this ? really scared 

Hi I have no real words of wisdom here as I have recently claimed aboard this rollercoaster ride. I just wanted to say that there could be many reasons why you might bleed, after all there is plenty of scar tissue going on. However, you have just had a PET so if there is residual cancer cells you will glow. My consultant told me on Tuesday (I'd asked about a preventative hysterectomy once treatment complete) that if still evidence of cc at 3 months post treatment they scan again at 6, if still there then they do hysterectomy. From this I have come to the conclusion that whilstvee have finished treatment it is still working on the beast. 

I know it feels like forever but you will know and be able to discuss the bleeding next week. Do you not have a CNS you could talk to in the meantime?

Good luck

Rachel x

Hello Littlebear :-)

It could simply be a side-effect of the radiotherapy, which has a tendency to dry you out a bit. If it were bright red I would be more concerned but I think you are OK with 'slight pinkish' so try not to worry but do have a word with your nurse.

Be lucky :-)


Hi Littlebear

i was diagnosed the same month as you and underwent exactly what you have ( apart from the trail program) and just before my 6month check up I had the same- a bleed. I panicked but for once found the Internet a reassurance. I found something from Guys and St Thomas that said small bleeds were perfectly normal. If it gets heavy like a period then get it checked ASAP. I also asked my oncologist at my next check up and she said exactly the same- in fact she said she was surprised I hadn't had a bleed before now. Hope you find this a bit reassuring, but if you have any doubts even just to put your mind at rest talk to your doctor/ oncologist.


Rachel- how are your ovaries- I too had them transposed and am waiting to see if they are still working!!!

clare xxx

Hi I know how worrying this is as it happened to me but it's almost certainly an effect of the radiotherapy. I only had brachy after my op but I started to bleed after sex, about a year after my treatment finished. When it happened the first time it was bright red and then every time after, or after the dilator, it was spotting, sometimes red, sometimes pink. My consultant explained it as radio thins the skin in the vagina and makes it easier to bleed. I had a raw patch, almost a burn from the radio and it kept getting aggravated. It took a few months but it did stop eventually. Mention it when you next go but try not to worry, I'm sure it will be the same for you. Ali x

Haven't had them transposed yet. Booked in for Monday. Am hoping it will be successful. Was yours done key hole and how long before you could drive again?

Rachel x