Sleepless, on the wait for hrt and struggling to function

So more nights than not I cannot sleep. I finished chemoradiation back in July and attribute this to menopause.
I am having hot flushes as well.
I have a baby and am back at work as a teacher and am finding it impossible to function.
My hrt appointment has finally come through as the 13th October. Will it help these symptoms ?
Sometimes I lie awake frightened, sometimes down, sometimes frustrated with the whole thing. I find it hard to accept that I am going through menopause and have had cancer at 32. I should be happy about the use of past tense but I just feel so sad . Myself and my husband do not have sex so much anymore - is it cos he doesn’t find me attractive anymore ? Or cos I don’t find myself attractive or both?
We get on when I’m feeling ok but when I need help he never seems to be there quite enough and then I get annoyed and he gets defensive …
I used to be on top of my game at work but now I feel like a liability.
I keep trying different avenues for counselling (which I had during my treatment and found really helped )but there don’t seem to be appointments when I am available as between working and looking after my baby i have limited free time .
What do I do? I’m at a loss …

Hi henrah 

I have recently finished treatment as well and there are many nights where I wake up and my pillow is soaking from sweating. I have to get up and change my nighty and my pillow case. Then I cannot fall back asleep. Even on nights where I just wake up to use the loo I have so many troubles going back to sleep. I then stay awake tossing and turning and having so many stupid thoughts. I also am having issues looking in the mirror and feeling great about my appearance. I try to make time for myself to feel pampered but it is hard as I have a small one as well. 

I do make it a habit of telling myself that I'll be ok!!! I tell myself over and over even when my legs are sore or my hair is a mess or when I'm running to the loo!!! This seems to help as I do truly believe it!! 

I havnt discussed HRT yet and I'm not sure if I even want to go that route. I think it will all depend on how I feel after a few months. 

My hubby and myself have not yet tried to be close as I was told to wait about 6 weeks after treatment. However, when I try to be playful he seems so distant. We have not been physically close for a very long time so this worries me as well.

I just wanted to share because I want you to know that you are not alone. 

Good luck.... hugs

I'm 32 as well and have been thrown into menopause. I started my treatments the first week of August. I had to go straight to chemorads, no surgery. My last period was August 8th. I'm into my brachys now and my last treatment is next week on Thursday. A few weeks ago the hot flashes started and it makes me feel like the back side of my body is in an oven! I'm not going to be able to do HRT though, they said the risk is too great since I still have all of my equipment. I have no idea how I'm going to be able to get through this, ugh.

god I feel for the two of you !

it's a hard time . Today was better because I slept better but still i dont feel that great!

might write a new post about wherher any of the remedies at boots are any good as they sell a few menopause things

i had no idea hrt can cause cancer return risk -my gp (who i went begging to to give me some hormones !) told me that some types of hormones are not good but others are okay in my circumstance (and this is why i have to wait to go to a clinic - he can't just prescribe me things)

tbh I might sit out of hrt if there's an increased risk of cancer returning. i need to live as long as possibly - grumpy and sweaty or otherwise ;) 


oh dear to the things I make jokes about now !

good luck nm 352 ! Last week woo woo ! how are you ?


Hi girls

I just thought I'd chime in. I have just started chemorads (2 weeks down) so haven't experienced the menopause yet. BUT my doctors tell me that I might not "fully" experience it because they have put me on the contraceptive pill. Ironic, isn't it? The doctor put me on this as he said that I am too young (29) to have HRT and that it is not necessary to have those hormones right now, and that the contraceptive pill will suffice. 

I am in Australia so not sure if things are done differently here. I also haven't come across anyone on this forum who has been given the pill to help with menopausal symptoms. 

I guess I will see how I go with it and let you know. If it works, it could be something that you ask your doctors about? Or perhaps my doctors have it all wrong - because wouldn't others be getting it prescribed if it was more common?

Aaaaah confusing!

Hope you're all going as well as you can be!

Rosie xx

My symptoms started about 2 weeks ago. I still have 2 brachys left. The hot flashes are so bad, and I get them back to back when awake and aslee. It feels like an oven spreading over my body and lasts for like 30 secs to a minute. Sometimes they're back to back and at the end I am soaked in sweat. I also cry a lot now. I was told I couldn't do hrt because I didn't have a hysterectomy and putting me at risk for cancer again. So idk what they can even do for me. They said we can try to manage symptoms. No thanks! I'm over taking medication for the rest of my life! I'm thanking about seeing a naturopath for this. Surely there are herbs that can help menopause symptoms? I'm only 32 this is a drag! 

Lol I didn't realize I had commented here already. I'll blame it on chemo brain haha.