Hi ladies, 

I have been on Zopiclone sleeping tablets on and off since diagnosis. I am at the end of my treatment now and am really struggling to sleep. I wake up with  nightmares about what I've been through. I can recall every consultation in my mind. I just feel that when I was on treatment I had a steely determination to get through it. Now I'm at the end, I'm reflecting. 

I'm booked for therapy but wondered if anybody could recommend anything to help me sleep? 


Thank you brave ladies x 


Hey nat,

sorry to hear your struggling to sleep, im having the same problem to and having nightmares, anxious. Have been recommended to talk to someone and book in for some councilling so sounds like we doing the same things. It really is so traumatic what we have been through and i hope with time It gets a bit easier. i wonder If ill ever get over it its always on my mind. 

Already anticipating next appt and have that feeling of dread in my stomach.

let me know if you find any solutions that help 

stay strong/we can pull through this together.

lots of love

Francesca xx

Hi ladies

I found that keeping a journal of how I felt everyday especially the first few months after treatment really helped keep things in perspective and it kept me grounded so my mind wouldn't go crazy. 

I also would also listen to music or white noise and even sound frequencies in the 432 hz kept me asleep longer. I bought a good pair of sleep headphones to be comfortable. 

I also went for massage therapy to keep tension levels down as I would be very tense when waking up from sleep. I started to grind my teeth because of all my anxiety. 

Its funny as I also felt left hanging after treatment and all the adrenaline I had to get me through treatment was suddenly gone and felt very isolated. When I was first diagnosed I was given some anti-anxiety pills and I renewed this prescription after treatment for days when I could not let go of things enough to get into a good sleep. 

It sounds like maybe this is something you might need to discuss with your GP. Even now a year out of treatment I have bouts of anxiety. If I'm feeling it come on or I feel I need a bit of help to get over the edge like feeling a take these piles for a few days and then I'm ok again. There is nothing wrong with asking for something to help. It's doesn't mean you are week or in crisis. It just is a part of this journey. Don't suffer!! 

Try different things but in the end don't get down on yourself if you need help. 

All the best.