Hi ladies.

Hope you are all ok.
Need advise please…sleep. never got any at all last night and been trying to no today just not happening.
Any ideals?
Secora xx

Hi secora 

I'm going to follow this because I'm not sleeping either so any tips will be great xx

have you started treatment yet? If so it will be the steroids, as well as every worry you have going through this battle x

Hi Bruce girl

I finished all my treatment end of December

It has got worse and worse so much so I'm surviving on about 2-3 hours sleep a nite..I did have tablets off doctors but hey didn't work either so stopped takin them xx

Didn't get no sleep at all last night. Looks like it's going to be the same tonight .

Nothing on my mind thi. Just wanna sleep xx

Only had 3 days of stressed 2 in morning. To at dinner time finished then Thursday xx

Hi SF:

It's your name, baby girl.  Foxes are nocturnal, so of course you're going to be up all night. No reason for Louise to be up though, unless her full name is Louise Hamster.

Sleep, ahhhhh, if only. I don't know your stories because I've been MIA for a while, but if either of you have been bumped into early menopause that could explain it.  All of my menopausal/post menopausal friends struggle with sleep, so maybe it's related to hormones.

So, what to do? Google "sleep hygiene" for some suggestions. It'll probably include no screen time, pitch black room, getting up at the same time, warm drinks, relaxing baths etc etc.  None of that worked for me. Sometimes Valerian tablets - at Boots - help, or those herbal teas that contain Valerian. y doctor recommended Melatonin which sometimes works. I have friends who take Nyquil everynight or things like Tylenol PM, but they are crap for your body. Your doc may prescribe you Ambien or Lunestra,(don't know the generics) but be careful, they can be very addictive. 

I took a mindfulness course which included a body scan. There's a whole point to mindfulness which mostly passed me by, but if I listened to John Kabat Zinn's body scan youtube video it always sent me to sleep.  It's not supposed to, but it's so relaxing that I always nodded off.

I'm trying something from my doc which is actually not for insomnia, but can be used off-label to treat it. I took half a tablet last night and was out cold for 8 hours. In fact so out cold that I apparently fell asleep with my forehead on my bed side table as I woke up with a long dent across my head. 

Good luck

t xx


I struggled to sleep after treatment until I went on HRT and now I sleep fine so yeah it could be the early menopause xx




Thanks for reply.

Even fter one lot of chemo?


Wow your doing great that's good news 


Hi ladies

I definitely think it's menopause related..I'm avin the nite sweats that start from my feet and work it's way up my body makin me feel like I'm melting. .dramatic I know but it sure feels that way..unfortunately iv been told I won'tbe able to av h.r.t because of a lot of breast cancer in the family. .av been referred to a specialist tho...I would do anything for a good nites sleep xx

Hey! Teresa F is back! Hi there Teresa! All good with you? You never fail to raise a smile :-)

OK, insomnia. I have had problems sleeping my whole life and there is a trick to be learned. When you are lying awake at night fretting about not being asleep just stop fretting about it. As long as you can convince yourself that it doesn't matter that you aren't actually in the land of nod, that lying quietish and stillish in the dark is fine, then you will be fine. You might even fall asleep, but if you don't fall asleep it's not the end of the world. You might get some of tomorrow's thinking out of the way early. We are all told we need x number of hours sleep and that is the only reason we fret about not getting it. Thank goodness we were never told we were supposed to produce x pounds of poo a day else we'd all be weighing our poo and worrying about it :-)

Be lucky :-)