Skydive for Jo's

Hi everyone

OMG, I’ve just realised that my charity sky dive is in 2 weeks and I haven’t put anything on here about it. Emsylou79 you are so much more organised than me!!I decided way back in January to do a jump for Jo’s and finally managed to get it organised a couple of months ago. I’m doing a tandem jump and one of my best mates (also a Jenny) is doing it with me. I’m lucky enough to be able to pay for the jump myself because of some money my nan gave me last christmas at which time I was in the middle of chemorad and not really in the shopping mood - so all the money I raise will go straight to Jo’s! If any one can spare a couple of pounds it would be very much appreciated, even the smallest amount helps, it all adds up.

The link to my justgiving page is

Its been a tough year but Jo’s has been so much of a life line and I’m really looking forward to rasing as much money as poss, you girls are all amazing and I know I’ll be around on Jo’s for very many years to come.

Emslou79 I’ll be thinking of you doing your jump, we can compare notes!!!

lots of love from jen xxxxx

well it was too windy to do the jump on saturday so it has been re-booked for sunday 30th august xx

Hi Jenny :slight_smile:

Well hun, gutted you couldn’t do your jump!!! Where are you doing it??

It was amazing, you will love it and you WILL want to go back up straight after!!! :wink: I had one tiny wobble when the plane took off but the lad greening next to me made me feel better!!! lol lol ;)x
It also helps if you are strapped to a cute man like I was!!! ha ha. The freefall 180mph is absolutely amazing and you truly dont realize how high you are until after the freefall when you can actually see the world at a slower 120mph!! :slight_smile:

Enjoy every moment as it is over too quickly :slight_smile:

Emma x x x

hi hun, so glad you had a great time, i’m really looking forward to doing it and just hope it goes ahead this time round. I’m doing it about 25 miles outside Cambridge, near March. Did you do yours in Oxford?

I like the sound of being strapped to a cute man!! keep your fingers crossed for me xxxxxxxxxx

So how did it go Mrs??? :smiley:

Emma x x x x


Have been meaning to post about the jump for a couple of weeks. I did the jump on the 30th August and it was fantastic, i loved it!!! I’d definitely do it again, it was an amazing experience. So glad to be able to raise lots of money for Jo’s, I’d highly recommend it to anyone thinking of doing a skydive!

jen xxxxxxxxxxx