Skin tag found at smear test but told not to worry

I had a smear test last week. The nurse said she had found what she thought was a "skin tag" I also confirmed that I bleed during/after sex. I've only been with my new partner for 6 weeks so only noticed it recently.  She said to come back in 3 weeks where she would also book in alongside the doctor so he could see. She said they could refer me to hospital to have it removed.  I wasn't too worried but I've googled it and now I'm so so worried it could be something serious as I have recently also had irregular bleeding and I get period pains but when I'm not on my period! Plus if she was so laid back and confident it was a skin tag... why not refer me straight away? She also said most abnormalities they find are treatable and nothing to worry about but then Google says completely different. I have a little boy who's almost 2 and all I can think about is how I can't be ill, I can't leave him. I know some people will think I'm over exaggerating but I'm actually terrified! If it was something serious, would my smear results show this?? I can't wait 3 weeks till my next appointment to find out! Anyone else had a skin tag? Also she didn't tell me where it was so I can't even research it properly!! 

HI Jeny, 

Not sure if this is what you have or not but i'll explain my story;

I had what i thought was a single skin tag on the outisde of the entrance to my V, this single one turned into a few over a few months and I went to a GUM clinic to get tested and have them removed. The Doctor I saw there diagnosed me with HPV there and then and said its a low risk strain that can cause these tags, in some women and men they look much more like warts but can manifest as tag like bumps. Since having them removed they havent returned, when I had my smear results they confirmed i had hpv aswell (not sure if this is what caused the tags of I have two strains) and i was called back for a colposcopy apt. 

I would say dont worry, it may be the same thing as me or different the doctor will be able to confirm it when you get checked out. I first noticed mine about two months into a new relationship as well. 

in terms of any cervical abnormalities, if you have any at all it will be explained in your letter and if you do have HPV then its likley they will book you in for  a colp. but it may be that the two things in your case are completely unrelated ! so try not to worry until you have the results.