Skeptical CIN3 results.

Hi all. I recently had my first smear (32 years of age) yes I know I know i should of had one sooner. I only went and had it because my Auntie recently died of cervical cancer. She was all happy fit and healthy until she had a bad result, then started treatment for her cancer and passed away 6 months later.

My experience on cancer seems to be people are fine until the doctors find something, and as soon as the treatment starts they get really sick and/or die. What’s not to say they would of continued a happy healthy life without the cancer result??

I’ve recently been diagnosed with CIN3. The doctor was less than helpful, and when I told him I couldnt afford the $2500 fee for the surgery in a private hospital, he basically passed me a book and some papers and told me I’d have to wait 6+ months at the public hospital and told me to go and book in. No real concern that it needed to be rushed etc - so aside from being very confused it’s left me thinking, is it even necessary?

With doctors making so much money off Cancer and treatments every day, I legitamately feel that this is just a money making ploy?

I’ve googled and googled and googled and there are 100s and thousands of women who all have this CIN3 which requires costly surgery - CIN3 is not cancer, but it MIGHT lead to cancer in 10-15 years. Key word, being MIGHT.

So I sit here typing with with my hospital papers in front of me where they have sat for a month now. I just can’t bring myself to go and book in because i’m so skeptical on the whole thing lol.


i just wanted to say pls go and get this taken care of. Don't be scared, you might only need a lletz/ loop to remove the bad cells. If you leave it, there is a great chance that CIN3 will (which is concidered stage 0)progress to stage 1 or higher

i was diagnosed with cin3 after the dr noticed an area while putting in an iud. I had a lletz to remove the area which wasn't bad at all. 

unfortunatly my lletz did not remove the whole area and it was determined I do indeed have cc. I'm staged at 2b. Which is quite curable. I feel lucky in ways that this was caught because my pap was clear. If it wouldn't have been caught I would have waited 3 yrs for another pap and who knows what stage u would be. 

Pls do not be scared to go. Leaving it will only hurt you more. If you are against standard medical advice then at least see an alternative therapy but that will cost so much and there are so many variables with that. 

Pls go!!!!