Six month check-up results.

Hi Ladies, 

I just wanted to let you know that I have had a letter from my consultant this morning, with the news that the test results from my six-month check up have come back all healthy and normal. Yay!!

I don't think I realised how anxious I was about it - I burst into tears when I read the letter - so relieved. It's very reassuring and I realise now how much I've put things 'on hold' for the last couple of weeks. Feel like I can get on with things a bit more now. Phew!

Onwards and upwards!

Love, Annabel. x

Yay that’s great news Annabel x

Great news Hun .... Very pleased for you... Enjoy the sun now x x x

Fab to hear Annabel x

I know what you mean about not realising how anxious you were about it. I have cried more since my last appointment with relief at receiving good news  but also I think I was unaware how much I had bottled up and its all coming out now:((

Best wishes for continued good news and Thanks for your well informed advice

Kath xx

Thanks Ladies. Big glass of wine tonight and then some fizzy stuff this weekend :-)

I know what you mean, Kath! At the moment, when I get cross, I get REALLY cross, and when I get upset, I get REALLY upset. Even if something happens that warrants me getting upset, I am aware that the upset is disproportionate to whatever the situation is, so it's got to be the 'saved up' emotion from the last few months I reckon. I know it's unpleasant and I've felt embarrassed sometimes when I've lost the plot for no apparent reason, but those closest to us will do their best to understand, I'm sure, and it's got to come out at some point - better sooner than later. 

Love, Annabel. x


Annabel....fantastic news!!!!! Sorry for delay in congratulating you...not been able to get on much recently. Am so very happy for you and hearing all these positive stories really does give you hope for the longer term so thanks for sharing.  Hope you have that bubbly on ice for this wonderful & long bank holiday weekend - the sun has even come out for you!  Have a fantastic weekend without the anxiety and stress you have been quietly carrying xxx

Well done and congrats on the good news!

Wonderful news Annabel, so happy for you. Hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend, enjoying the sunshine & a glass or two of wine.

Lots of love Rachael xxxxx

Thats such great news Annabel, so happy for you! onwards and upwards indeed xxxx

Good news and another milestone passed. Yay! x

Brilliant news Annabel - you go girl :-) x