Sitting waiting to go down for eua

So I’m sat here waiting to go down for my eua feeling very nervous as I’ve never had a anaesthetic before! While sat here I have managed to have a nosey through my notes and I’ve found a letter from one doctor to another and would appreciate some clarity on some things it says…
It’s says parametrium involvement both sides so I’m wondering how much difference this will make to them curing my cancer? It says residual cervical tumour 2cm but with parametrial extension both sides!! Panic mode now!! It also says no significant pelvic lymphadenopathy I’m hoping that means no spread to lymph nodes…poorly differentiated and moderately is mentioned also! It also says no local infiltration…hope that means it’s not spread! Sorry for this jumbled message but just wanted to get this on here before I went down to theatre!
Kay x

Hi Kay

I also had my EUA on Weds.

Sorry i didn't see this before now! How did it go?

GA is strange isn't it - it was also my first time so was feeling strange about it. Hope they could put you at ease and you were well looked after.

Sending positive vibes to you xxxxx

Hi you won't believe this but after leaving the house at 5 am for my journey to the hospital..having a enema, and bloods etc they decided to cancel on me! I sat there for 8 hours in a gown waiting to go down and turns out they had an emergency and couldn't fit me in!! I understand that things like this can happen however I was upset slightly as had worked myself up for having it done and nothing happened! Apparently next week now...seems to be taking so long to get a final staging so they can proceed with a way forward..hope everything going as smoothly as it possibly can for you

lots of hugs 

Kay xx

Oh no that's terrible, especially as you'd worked up to it and waited so long!

When is your date booked in for now?

For the GA - the anesthetists told me exactly what they were going to do and when, and how I would feel so when it happened there were no surprises and it really was magic, woke up and it had all been done. Was a bit sore but that was it. Def tell them it is your first time under GA and that you are nervous - they might even give you some pre-med to keep you calm (my mum has had these before and says they are great!)

Really hope you get yours done soon, then it will be the next step ticked off the list.

Best of luck and keep us posted xxx

Well they said they would pop a letter in the post for a day next week..I hope its next week as the week after we fly off on our holiday which has been ok'd by my consultant and I really wanted to get the eua and treatment plan sorted before we went x

Yes i can imagine. Definitely chase them on Monday to make sure you're booked in as sometimes these things take a while to get through the system etc.

I've had to chase a few appointments so far as i haven't received calls when they said i would.

Good that you have a holiday booked and sounds like a welcome distraction. I am also going away for 4 days next week. Sounds like we both need a holiday!

Sending positive vibes xxxx