Sitting upright for a less painful cervical smear test

I have a tilted cervix and it is really painful for me and difficult for the nurse to get a sample for testing. Last time it took 3 separate visits to see the nurse at my GP surgery and some diazepam before we were successful. This time I gave it another go, hoping it might be easier since going through menopause but it’s the same thing allover again. Extremely painful and as a result really stressful.

I lived in France for a while and had to go for a test there and it was the quickest, easiest and pain free smear I have ever had in my whole life. The reason for this seemed to be that they used a specialist chair, so I was effectively sitting upright on an angle with my legs apart and the speculum was inserted upwards. I have tried to find out if there is anywhere in the UK that might carry out cervical screening in this way? I am yet to find anywhere or anyone else who is aware of this method. Hence the reason why I’m here.

Does anyone know anywhere in the UK that I can get a smear test, in a sitting position? I don’t mind if it’s NHS or private. It would be worth paying to have a less stressful and pain free test. I just need to know if this exists and is accessible to me in the UK? Would be really grateful to anyone who could help?

Hey sorry to hear this. It’s sounds like you are referring to the chairs they use at the Colposcopy clinic. I think you can ask your GP to refer you to the difficult smear clinic at Colposcopy. Hopefully this helps.

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You can ask your gp to refer you for the difficult smear clinic. This will take place at the colposcopy unit at your hospital. They’ll have the proper gynae chairs.
I too have a tilted cervix and have all my smears at the colposcopy unit. When I get the letter reminding me I just ask for a referral.

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Thank you, I will ask for a referral.

Thank you, I will try this.