Since having lletz

So I had my lletz on the 22nd august for cin3 but that was fine had no bleeding what so ever after but 5 days later had really bad smelly yellow discharge But I was away at that point so waited until I was back from being away and that was a week since having the lletz I went to gau and they looked at my cervix and told me that it looked very red swelled and loads of pus I was given antibiotics and sent on my way I taken two days of antibiotics but the discharge got worst and started to get pains in lower part on my stomach and the pain went round my back so went back to gau I got admitted due to having high heart rate and high blood pressure I was given Iv antibiotics and sent home the next day as my obs was back to normal but reading my discharge notes I have no infection but now I’m getting gray thick slime discharge has anyone had the gray thick discharge since lletz

Hiya, so sorry you have been through all of that :frowning:

I had a whole magnitude of discharge including grey. I think its normal. Hope you are better soon x