Sorry to post on her been talking to a lady on her but I can't find her could someone else help had my smear 5weeks ago now had my colopscopy yesterday bleeding stop but funny smell can it be infection already Ben I have anxiety and been getting lower back pain and stomach pain this Wes happing be 4 clolopscopy is this to do with sin3 or my anxity ? Had biopsy as well yesterday got to wait 4 week for results if it was cc would he of said yesterday... I feel so down and just keep crying and I don't no why my offer half has a moon I cry kids start fight with each other I start crying I feel like my mind is not mine sorry to bug u all with this but I just need some one to talk to as I said lady I had chat to the other really help me out with other thing but can't find her x

And every time I eat o feel so bloated x

Hello there, aw hun! you sound so worried!! Please try to stay calm, no matter what. I know it's hard but you'll only make yourself feel worse :( stress makes you physically ill :( <3
I'm a bit confused, as you said cin3 does that mean you have had any treatment, such as LLETZ? I'm just wondering because I had mine 3 weeks ago for cin3 and after a few days i started to have a horrible smell that i couldn't wash away, and it was constant, i got so worried, but then a week after, the gauze that the doctor put around my cervix, (which they said would come out on its own) and it smelt absolutely revolting, since that come out, the smell has gone! I was just wondering if you had treatment which included a gauze, you could have the same situation?

All the best hun <3 
Stacie xx

Yes they done treatment there and then if it was cc can he tell and would he of said ? Do u no anything about my other simptons sorry to ask I no ur not a doc but my doctor wants to put me on antidepressant ( mirtazapine) I'm to scared to take them as I have heard bad thing about them and they say u end up starting on them for the rest of ur life and I have 4 children they say they make u sleepy x