sin 3 (children mentioned)

Hi all I'm new.. Had a smeat 4 weeks ago come back sin 3 have colposcopy tomorrow morning I'm so scard that there gonna tell me it cancer as I feel bloated all the time and pains in lower belly and lower back  doc said I was having bowl spazoms been googling and  they say this is sing of cc just by doing a coloscopy can they tell its cc or will I have to wait for biopsy I never been thought a abnormal smear be for plz can some one tell me more about it plz can't stop crying thinking I going to die and leave my 4 children I have no one sorry if u sound silly xx

Hi Claire, Welcome to Jo's. Please don't be nervous about the colposcopy and biopsies it really is a straight forward procedure. Once at the clinic you will change into a gown and remove your underwear the doctor will insert a speculum into your vagina to be able to see inside with the colposcopy microscope (that stays outside) they will then apply acetic acid to your cervix and leave it there for a while to work (like 30secs). This acetic acid highlights the abnormal cells on the cervix. I was warned at this stage that some patients feel a sting but I felt nothing. After the acetic acid works its magic the doctor will observe the level of abnormal cell coverage if any and decide if biopsies need to be taken.

The biopsies are usually taken with a punch type machine, called a punch biopsy; it removes about a pin prick sized piece of the cervix that will be sent to the lab to determine the depth of the abnormal cells in the tissue and the level of CIN. It goes CIN1, CIN2, CIN3 and then cancer. But most research suggests that it can take up to 10 years to develop into cancer. Some people say the biopsies don’t hurt others say they do. I can say I definitely felt it but the pain is very mild and EXTREMELY brief, more the emotional side of the situation I think amplifies everything. Something though I wish someone would have emphasised to me before though is the bleeding after the procedure and the need to wear a sanitary pad. You cannot insert anything into your vagina for 2 weeks (pls note some doctors advise different times) to prevent infection and allow for healing, so tampons are out as is sex. When I go for my next colposcopy I am going to wear a pad in my underwear there so that I don’t have to get dressed and put it on in the examination room. I was a bit shaky after because unlike you I didn’t do research I just rocked up not really knowing what to expect, plus squatting and applying a pad in a room with other people errked me out.

Tomorrow they may be able to tell you if they think you will need further treatment ie. LLETZ or Cone biopsy to remove the cells or if they believe the smear results were wrong and downgrade your level of CIN. My friends smear said CIN2,3 but it turned out to be only CIN1 which can be treated with a watch and wait or LLETZ. Hers was treated with LLETZ. My doctor told me as soon as she looked inside I would need further treatment, my biopsies came back as CIN3 and successfully and easily removed. It is EXTREMELY rare that they find cancer so please don’t assume you are dying.

Something that I have learnt through this experience is that the pap smear is not a diagnostic tool, i.e. they cannot definitively diagnose anything it is just a test that detects cervical cell changes. That is why they do the colposcopy and biopsies to diagnose exactly what those abnormalities are. So the CIN level could go down, not be detected or confirmed.

I was in the same boat as you regarding the level of CIN and symptoms. I had severe abdominal period like spasms and a sharp lower back pain, the feeling of being bloated constantly and extremely tired; when I could I would sleep like 12-15 hours straight! After my treatment I asked my doctor if these were symptoms of the CIN, she however said it more likely to be emotions taking its toll on my body and that CIN is asymptomatic. Which I don’t agree with, I am of the opinion (totally unscientifically tested or proven J) that CIN3 has symptoms. Almost immediately after my treatment these symptoms disappeared.

BY FAR the worst thing is the waiting around and for me stressing myself out by googling worst case scenarios. Fortunately there is a process to go through and the doctors have caught it at an early stage. On the flip side, unfortunately there is a process to go through and this takes time (which can feel like eternity! sometimes) but rest assured every stage has a purpose and you are in good hands with your doctor and in this forum xx

One question I have is if you have been tested for HPV?

Good luck for tomorrow, try to relax and focus on the positive side that they have found something that is very likely treatable. I hope this is the information you were looking for.


Thank u so much u made me feel s lot better  doc told me there was nothing on there system about HPV what's does that mean is that good or bad ? X

Hi ladies

Someone mentioned recently on here that it's standard practise in the UK to test for HPV when a smear test shows up borderline or mild abnormalities. Apparently if the smear is already saying moderate or severe (severe being your CIN3 level), they don't bother with the HPV test and send you straight for colposcopy.

This is probably why you haven't had anything about HPV. My smear came back borderline and therefore had been tested, so I know I also have high risk HPV :-(

hope that helps


Just a little tip as well Claire, you might want to ask your consultant at the colposcopy what she thinks it looks like. They look at cervixes all day so can take an educated guess! Mine said she thought CIN2, which was spot on. If you're really stressing out about it it's worth asking the question, because depending where you live  you'll have a 4-6 week wait for biopsy results, which some ladies say drives them crazy with worry. At least if you ask the consultant you'll have a pretty good idea of what to expect!

Bahar's description of the colposcopy process is really good. Try not to worry about it too much, it's really not much different from having a smear, just takes a little longer!

x x good luck

Hi there back from my colpscopy all when well they looped it away and took biology just told me to wait for results would he of said if it was bad said b back in 6m x

Hi Claire

Sounds like it all went pretty smoothly. If he didn't say otherwise it most likely looked how the smear suggested it would, i.e. CIN3. When you get the results, it'll tell you what CIN level was found in the chunk they took out with the loop.

If he's saying "see you in 6 month" that suggests he is expecting that next steps will be the 6 month check, just to make sure that everything is back to normal. I would take that as a very good sign :-)


Thank u so much for answering me this is all new to me as I said first abnormal smear I have my finger cross for my results ythey said 4 weeks . they gave a list of thing that I should not do for3-6 week just wanted to no I do a lot of walking and push a pram are they thing that I need to cut down for a couple of weeks or just a couple of day sorry to ask a silly thing but I for got to ask my mind want blank in room x

Hi Claire

No problem :-) They said 4 weeks for my biopsy results and they arrived in exactly 4 weeks, so let's hope your will be the same.

I haven't had my LLETZ yet, only the biopsies, but based on the info I have had (and posts from other ladies) walking will be fine. If the pram is very heavy you might feel it a little bit. After my biopsies I could feel a little twinge inside if I lifted anything too heavy, for a couple of weeks afterwards. So I guess the best answer is try it - if it feels like anything is pulling a bit inside you might want to take it easy for a week or two.

The info that I got with my LLETZ appointment just said don't do any vigorous exercise, like gym or aerobics, for 4 weeks.

hope that helps


Thank u so much ur a star for ur help it been nice talking to some one hope all goes will with ur LLTEZ plz let me know how it all goes u have been here for me so I would like to b there 4 U  I will keep u up dated about my results once again thank u so much x

Aww thanks hun, it really is nice being able to talk to people going through the same thing, isn't it? My better half is not much help,whenever I mention it he just says 'try not to get yourself worked up over it'. I reckon if someone was going to chop a lump off his willy under local anaesthetic he would be a lot more freaked out than I am! Lol!

My LLETZ is on the 24th July, so a little while to wait yet.  I am quite nervous about it... how did you find it? Was the loop treatment OK? Or not too bad anyway

Let me know how you get on when the results are in and I will do the same

x x


Hi hun lol same as my other half he just keeps saying its all done now its over I keep thing no its not still got results to come back but finger crossed and for the treatment did not feel a thing I look at the screen once to see what the cervix looked like but other then that's nurses keeped me chatting so by the time we finished it was over but my partner saw the lot lol x only 22 day to go and I'm counting down for u it will b fine hope to stay in contact x