Simple Trachelectomy via vaginal route..... Any advice or tips??

Hi all,

Im booked to have a simple trachelectomy taken out vaginally on Monday. 

Surgery was originally booked for the 4th Nov but a few things got in the way so it is now on Monday. 

iv kept myself busy doing alsorts of errands but now the time is coming closer iv realised I don't really have any ideas of what to expect! 

I'm having it done vaginally as apparently recovery is better & more suited to me (I have a funny blood disorder) 

While I'm under I'm also going to be having some laser treatment where some cells have spread. 

iv been told a 2-3 day hospital stay but that's about it really. 

Anybodys personal experience or any advice would be much appreciated.






I didn't have the same procedure, but wanted to send you a giant hug, and wish you lots of luck.  Just think your going to hospital on monday with cancer and coming home without it :) x


Hello :slight_smile:
I had a radical Trachelectomy on 10th July. I was in hospital for 5 days, but that was a couple extra as my body didn’t like the GA! Apart from one day whilst I was in hospital I had no pain and when I got discharged only took the painkillers for a couple more days!
It’s been 4 months since my op, and I now feel back to the old me :slight_smile:
I also had it done vaginally, I have 5 little scars where they did key hole (I don’t know if this was to remove the lymph nodes and help with the Trachelectomy or just lymph nodes) but nonetheless the scars really are teeny and I’m quite proud of them now!
All the very best… If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to message me, I can’t keep track of these forums sometimes!!

Em :slight_smile: xx

My one bit of advice! … Don’t be afraid to ask the nurses for help or let them know if you’re uncomfortable. And make sure you have someone to look after you when you get home! You’re allowed to be selfish :slight_smile: xx

Hi Joanne

I'm not familiar with the proceure you having, just to say all the best ! I am hoping & praying everything will be sorted!


Hi Johanna,

wow! Not long to go now there! You know my story so cannot help u with advice re the op you are having done. Just wanted to send u lots of love x

any luck getting people to help with the children, getting them to nursery/school? Hope u are all sorted.

let us know how u get on after the op xxx

take care, dons

Thanks for the advice/well wishes ladies. 

Luckily iv been extremwly busy so barely had a moment to think about any of it never mind fret about it. 

I think itl probably only hit me omce I'm actually there or maybe when I leave the children on Sunday evening. Who knows! 

they said I am probably looking at a 3 day stay but I have already told them 3 days & I'm going home! 

Still not fully sorted for help after the first week but I'm sure everything will work out one way or the other. 

is it strange I'm actually starting to look forward to finally getting it done? 



Good luck Johanna!  You will be out of hospital and on the way to recovery before you know it. xx Smile


Thanks Tes, 

im already looking forward to recovery! 

I'm sure my terrors & Xmas shall keep me more than busy.