Simple trachelectomy for pre-cancerous cells?!?!!

Hi everyone,

Brief overview of my situation:

  • I have CIN3 pre-cancerous cells on my cervix (I don’t have cervical cancer)
  • I have had these pre-cancerous cells for 5 years now
  • I have had 3 LEEP’s performed, to no avail

My doctors are now suggesting we do a simple trachelectomy (aka removal of the cervix) to prevent the pre-cancerous cells from developing in to a full blown cancer. I am really freaked out by this, because it seems extremely drastic to remove a part of my body for cells that aren’t even cancerous yet. I understand the risk for these cells to turn in to cancer is something we want to prevent, but I can’t find any information or research online about simple trachelectomy’s being used to treat pre-cancer, the only info I can find is using this surgery to treat cervical cancer.

If any of you lovely ladies have had a trachelectomy to treat your pre-cancerous cells can you please tell me? I am really scared, and I don’t know what the right move is–so anything you share with me (good or bad experiences) is immensely appreciated.

Scared And Depressed (SAD)

Hi Piper :-)

I am sorry that nobody has answered you, I suspect that this shows just how unusual this is. I'm guessing that because the three LEEPs have not brought it under control there is not really very much cervix remaining to perform a fourth, in which case it makes sense to whip it out and be done with it.

Be lucky :-)


I understand that you are scared, however, I had a full hysterectomy last year (at 30 years old) as I have two unsuccessful rounds of Lletz.  I left mine too long and therfore I now have VAIN 3 in my vaginal wall as I didnt like the idea of it either and am now having to go through Immunotherapy and possible radiotherapy later in the year.

I wasnt offered the trachelectomy as I already had two children...therefore having any more obviously wasnt important! However, I would suggest going for this if you still want to have kids.

I can only say that if you have repeated issues, it will keep coming back and you want to avoid problems in the future, I would go for it.


I hope this helps and I hope that you get on ok




ive posted yesterday about a similar situation. I've had 2 previous LLETZ that were CIN1 but didn't remove it all but were left after that as hoped it might resolve itself. Most recent smear is severe dyskariosis. Had another LLETZ two days ago but have been told if this doesn't have clear margins or if my check up smear in 6 months shows any abnormal cells then I'll have to have a hysterectomy. My main concern has been hoping they wouldn't find cancer but now it seems I might be having to have a hysterectomy even though there is no camcer present. Doctor isn't happy that my body isn't clearing the HPV and that the abnormal cells keep coming back and/or developing further abnormally. 

Hsve you made any decisions about your treatment? X