Simple Trachelectomy Done & Dusted!!

I'm finally on the other side!! 

I went into hospital on Sunday evening & had a simple trachelectomy performed on the Monday morning. I was in theatre by 8.30am so not long waiting around which was great! 

While under GA I also had some laser treatment to the abnormal areas surrounding my cervix as planned but I also had some laser treatment to the inside of my womb which was only dropped on me right before going in so no idea what that was called or anything. 

i feel a lot better than expected really or maybe that's just all the meds masking the pain! 

I was a little confused that when I can back from theatre, it was passed over that I had 'no pv loss' which I most definitely did! 

Nobody asked about any loss or bleeding till I eventually piped up on the Monday night.

looking like I can go home tomorrow aswel if all goes to plan so looking forward to that :) 

just wanted to say thankyou for all the support & advice iv received along the way




so pleased for you that you have arrived post-op safely and in such a positive frame of mind!

now take the time to heal, don't rush yourself to get back to normal (not easy with small children) and take each day as it comes xxx

big hugs

dons xxx

Thanks Dons,

So far I'm still at the relief part, I'm sure once I'm home & abit more comfortable reality may set in as none of this has still really effected me yet. 

The only negative I had is that beca use laser was used to cut away & to sort the abnormal cells in other place, they won't be able to tell of there is clear margins but with my platlet problem with my blood it was the best option for me so I'm sure they weighed up the pros & cons before going ahead. 

Il have a post op check up in a few weeks & a repeat colposcopy & biopsies in a few months so atleast theyl re-check everything was taken out. 

Hope your recovering well


So good to hear hun!! Very happy for you that all went well and now it's just recovery time :) lots of love hun! Take it easy xxx

hi Johanna

Ahhh am so pleased its all done and dusted! HAve been off here a few weeks but logged on today to see if you had had your treatment. Hope your feeling ok and that you have some help with the children etc etc and make sure that husband of yours lets you put your feet up he he.

I go next week for follow up..........its been 7 weeks and not heard anything yet, it will be 8 weeks next week. Am taking my mum just in case but I feel very positive about it all and that all is/will be ok :-)

now feet up, relax and take care hunny xx

Hi Johanna,

Yay, well done Smile.   It's so much better once you get out of hospital and back to your own home.  Make sure you do everything they tell you to do and look after yourself. 

Take care,

Tess xx



Thanks ladies,

Feelig a little rough & have to admit a tad emotional today but that could be due to lack of sleep. 

I still expected more pain than I'm in though so shouldn't complain.

I am taking it very very easy but have to admit I don't think I could manage much even if I wanted too.

You don't realise how much things are connected until they are all of a sudden missing. 

Fingers crossed for you JacWac, I won't be having a check up until 6 weeks post op & because my best option was to cut away using a laser it means it distorts the edges so won't actually find out if its all gone for a few months when il have more biopsies taken. I can see it being a very long few months but they were very sure it would all be sorted by a trachelectomy.

Positive thoughts for us all