Silver nitrate cervical cautery - your experiences?

Hi everyone,

I had this today due to excess scar tissue on my cervix after two significant LLETZ two years ago when I had cancer.

The new consultant I had told me nothing and gave me no information. I’m off camping in France for two weeks this weekend. We have planned a really active holiday, wild swimming, tree top adventure etc.

My resulting pain and discomfort today and subsequent discharge has left me wondering if I should have had some kind of aftercare instructions.

Any advice based on your own experiences are much appreciated.

Hi lemon lavender,
I don’t often visit the forums anymore so I was really surprised to pop back and find you here! I hope you are well.
Sorry to hear you’ve had difficulties with scar tissue. I wanted to let you know, I’ve had some problems too. I started bleeding between periods and having extremely painful periods. My GP thought it might be endometriosis. I eventually went back to my gynecologist (very hard to get an appointment) who has diagnosed stenosis which is causing the endometriosis type symptoms. She tried to dilate my cervix which helped a little. I’m now waiting on a scan to check whether there are any polyps and following that she will probably try the dilation again. It’s a bit stressful but I’m glad they are keeping a close eye on me.
I wonder whether issues relating to lletz are quite common, especially where you’ve had more than one procedure like us.
I wish you the best of luck getting it all sorted.
Lots of love, x

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I had to have the silver nitrate due to excess bleeding when I had my LLETZ.

For me, I had horrid pain until a few days later when I went to the loo and passed a very large blood clot. Then a lot of my pain subsided.

That was just my experience, but yeah. I personally wouldn’t have been able to do strenuous activity etc and as far as I’m aware they discourage it for the first few days?

Just take it easy I guess and listen to your body.

Hope you feel better soon! x

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How lovely that were here at the same time. It was so good to see your name. I like you rarely visit the forums. I’m so sorry you’re going through everything you are. It sounds like a nightmare. Sending so much love and hugs your way.

I was offered a hysterectomy four days before Christmas and said no. Part of me wishes I’d just said yes now. Although we had to support my in-laws over Christmas so it really was the wrong time too.

The last two times someone who wasn’t my original oncologist has seen my cervix they’ve commented on how little there is left of it and that it’s very deformed. Part of me wants to say you wouldn’t say that to someone who had to have surgery due to cancer somewhere else.

I really hope you manage to get supported to be well again and sooner rather than later.

I’m doing better than I was. I had two days just feeling so deflated with it all and in a lot of discomfort. Pain meds are now making a difference so I’m just keeping on top of them.

I hope your summer improves lovely. It really is good to hear from you xxx

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Thanks tootz,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had to have LLETZ.

I’m very grateful to be able to report the silver nitrate after scar tissue has been a very different experience to my ablation after LLETZ. Far less discolored discharge and definitely less discharge in general.

It’s day three and I’ve been able to do my daily yoga stretching (mostly). I experienced blood the first evening but before and after that just clear/grey discharge mainly and it’s continuing to subside.

My Macmillan nurse didn’t get back to me. I left a message with the new hospital and they didn’t get back to me either. So, I’ve still had no aftercare information but I’m just going to listen to my body and use trial and error.

I hope you are fully healed from your LLETZ now xx

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Lovely to hear from you lemon lavender.
I’m pretty good to be honest. Not letting any of this get me down now. I find the check ups hard but apart from that I’m a much stronger person having been through this experience. My periods are messed up but hopefully there won’t be too many more years of them anyway!
I hope you get all sorted too.
Lots of love, xx