Signs or symptoms..!!

Hi Everyone,

I have read that if you have CIN of any level you won't have any symptoms. I have just had biopsy back saying I have CIN3.

I am feeling very scared as I have had heavy discharge for the last 2years and occasionally bleed in between periods But not every month.

I feel terrible now as if I had of known these were signs of CC I would have gone to the doctors but I just put it sown to stress and the pill... I'm feeling so angry with myself as I have an 11 year old daughter. 

I am 30 years old and from London. 

Has any of you ladies had symptoms and been fine after your LLETZ..?? 

Please share your story with me. I'm going out of my mind.

Bekah. xx

Hi Bekah, Aunty here, I'll support you through this, lets hope you receive some replies from others who can offer advice xx

Hey bekah  we have chatted already but I just want to say my friend had The same as us and she had the lletz done 4 years ago and again last year and she is flying no problems since <3  please don't be mad with yourself I was over due a smear with 7 years and discharge with years that I just taught it happens, were in the system now so they will look after us try not to worry most of the time the bad cells are removed and that's the end of it just to keep up with appointments then xxx

Hey Hun how are u now??? Wishing u the best of luck tomorrow xxxx

Hi Mandy,

Im still not good... I'm not sure if I mentioned to you that I also have had a lump in my throat for about 9 weeks... I was growing increasingly concerned so took myself to A&E yesterday. An ENT Doctor came down to see me and put the scope down. She said she can see a lump on my vocal cord and some lumps at the back of my nose... She said she can't tell me at this stage if it's cancer or not so she has referred me for a MRI via the 2week pathway... She said I also had a swollen Lymph in my neck... 

I think I have scared myself even more by going as now I am fearing the very worst... All I have in my head is that i do have CC and it is stage 4b as it has traveled to my neck... 

I've not slept longer than 2 - 3 hours for 6 days... I can't sleep can't eat... Last night I got just over 1hr 30 mins sleep... 

I am terrified for my life... 

How are you..?? Have you had any results back..?? Everything crossed for you Hun xxxx

Aww Hun your really having a hard time of it, think I would go for the MRI private cos this waiting around is not doing any good for you, and talk to your doctor maybe your doctor could give you something to help you, all that worrying isn't doing you any good so speak to your doctor, I didn't know our minds could play up as much but the last few weeks mine is racing it's a terrible feeling the unknown, you have your appointment tomorrow don't u? Please tell them how ur feeling wishing u the best of luck for tomorrow xxxx no results for me back yet dont think I will till next week 

Hi Mandy,

Do you know how much it cost for a private MRI and where to get on done? I'm in London. 

I never did realise how stress and anxiety could effect someone so deeply... I thought I had dealt with Stress and Anxiety before, but clearly noting like this... 

I have everything crossed that your results come back Clear... You have already been waiting ages... I'm pretty sure if they had found something they would have called you back already... 

Bekah. xx

Im in Ireland and I know it's €200 to get the MRI here so its prob around the same price, I'm totally with u on the stress I didn't know it would affect me this much either, it's a very hard thing all the waiting, I've been to the doc 2 times since the lletz and back again tomorrow having infections and now pains in my bones and absolutely terrified it's something else, I'm never sick and I think the worry is making everything 100 times worse