Signs and symptoms of an Infection after LLETZ ?




I have just had LLETZ for the first time on Friday ( under general anaesthetic) and being paranoid I thought I would ask what signs and symptoms ladies have had when they have got themselves an infection. I don't think I have but would just like to know what to look out for.


Hi, for me I didn't have any pain, no dodgy smell, after a week I had a small amount of bleeding, it was bright red.  It didn't start of as much at all, so I foolishly ignored it.  After a week it became non stop, and I was going through a pad an hour, with clots (sorry tmi!)
I needed up at A&E, and admitted for two days on IV antibiotics.
I didn't feel I'll or poorly, bleeding was the only sign.  

Hey :) for me I had pain. Usual discharge, no blood. At first i thought it was the cramping I was meant to have and 3 days later I was in so much pain I was reduced to tears. The bright red blood didnt start until 3 days after my treatment for infection started. 2 weeks later I was still bleeding and the infection was so severe it hadn't cleared up with the first lot of antibiotics. So still on them and bleeding is slowly stopping, but still in pain. I guess it depends on the person to what symptom they get first.