Side Effects

Hi Girls, hope you are all well.... I start my treatment tomorrow, and wondered if anyone can say how quickly the side effects would kick in like the tiredness etc.... I'm assuming I won't notice anything the first week or so with radio? What about chemo ? After the first ok? Or will it be the next day or so after ..... I know everyone's different, and some people don't have any side effects ... But just wondered what expect.

love & Hugs

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Hey Sam,

I can’t offer any advice on this I’m sorry, but I just wanted to wish you all the best for tomorrow.

Take good care of yourself


hi i had my chemo but didnt feel sick to the weekend but they changed my anti sickness tablet.i have felt tired all theway threw but everyone is different with radio it wasnt until3 week in then stareted with direha

Hi Samantha,

Like you say everybody is different. I had 5 chemo, 28 radio and a 24 hour brachy session. I didn't suffer with any sickness from the chemo at all I was lucky.

The first two weeks the only thing that affected me was the anti sickness tablets I took before and after chemo as they made me so wide awake I couldnt sleep on chemo nights.  I learned from this not to drink caffine on my chemo days and to not take the tablets late as otherwise I wouldnt sleep.

The third week I started to feel tired and I suffered from radiation cystitus I mentioned it to my radio nurse and was given bottles of potassium citrate it tasted foul but it did the job!

The fourth week was when I noticed the effect on my bowels and my nurse gave me loperamide. I would sudddenly need the loo without much warning.  I made sure I always carried a spare set of clothes and wet wipes just in case!

It's tiring going to the hospital everyday and you get thankful for the weekend breaks. Chemo days for me went by very quickly I took magazines, puzzle books and my laptop and earphones so I could watch  bbc i-player and you tube!

The best advice I was given was drink lots of water and eat little and often. I wish you the best of luck do keep us posted on how you are getting on x

Hi Samantha!

I was the same as MrsH - no sickness with the chemo and only got a bit sick from the radio for the last 2 weeks, which I needed Hydrolyte and immodium..and alot of them!  I was tired towards the end, but just remember its only temporary and you will be back to your oldself day by day.

Be kind to yourself, don't do too much, don't feel like you should 'do something' I remember thinking this all the time and just wish I had cut myself some slack.

Best of luck and thinking of you - let me know if you have an niggly questions!



Hi Samantha

Take it easy and rest and remember thay can help manage any side effets like sickness ask for Ondansertro (I think thaths how its spelt) as its very very effective, for me the Radiotherapy was OK except for the last week when I suffered with Diarrhoea a bit, the chemo made me feel a bit out of sorts a day or two after but was not too bad just felt a bit tired so get loads of rest (i still went shopping every day as was  Christmas and was hell bent on buying my family extra special spresents thinking this Christmas mattered more, i am not as focused 10 years on!!  The way I reflect on my experierience is  I looked after myself, rested a few hours a day and spent quality time with my nearest and dearest and did not give a damm about work or matters of a trivial nature. I had the odd glass of wine (or two) went out for vthe odd meal or prepared a simple home cooked meal of comforting food or sent my hubby to the chippy if I could not be bothered. 

Thank you all for your replies ..... I have had 3 sessions up until now & obviously have no side effects from it yet... I almost feel like a fraud, as I'm off work, and just pleasing myself ... Which I spose is a good thing - no stresses etc .... I am taking each day as it comes, and trying not to look too far ahead .... Trying not to think of the 'what ifs'....... And trying to be kind to myself too.... 

Thank you so much for all your advice girls - you are all little stars !!!!!!

love & hugs

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how are you getting on Sweetie? Supposed to be working but have come on for a sneaky peak at how everyone is doing!  Pfft...dont worry about work, take this time for you so you are as strong and rested as you can be for whatever is thown at you along the way.


Thinking of you


Hey Hun .... Yes all good - wamyMy bday yesterday, so managed a day out at the Trafford centre with my husband ... Was tired after tho .... Chemo day today, but will be done in the next 40 mins or so ... Going back 'home' after this have see family & friends ... Back home on Sunday, as back to Radio on Mon .... Hp you're ok chicky .... And you're keeping ok ....can't believe my first week has gone so quickly .... Lovely to hear from you Hun...

love & hugs

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Hi Sam,

I'm good thanks and looking forward to the summer and some holidays with hubby and the boys after the nightmare last 7 months!  Sounds like you are coping really well with treatment.  Let us know how its going when you get a chance.  I dont get so much time to get on to respond but try and track everyone via my mobile!


Take care




just wondered what chemo drugs you all had. I start mine in 2 days and just dont know what to expect