Side effects

Hi all,
Having been treated with chemo, radio & brachy I was very fortunate to be told I am in the clear!
However I have recently had some pinkish tinge after using a dilator, a lot more discharge and backache. I’m waiting for the nurse to call me back after speaking with the consultant. I am freaking out a tad!

I have also been left with having to go to the toilet much more frequently and urgently (no2), wind and bloating. Does anyone have any tips on how to manage this at all?

Thanks X

Hi sweet pea. Very unlikely to be anything sinister and very likely to be normal healing! It's still early days yet! I am one year post radio and my bowels are still trying to get back to normal...I seem to plateau, then all of a sudden heal a bit more. I am almost back to normal, but not quite. I have random bouts of nausea which last an hour or so and ibs symptoms, but even that is getting better. I'm sure everything is fine x

The toilet issue is cus of the radiotherapy I had this issue and it's horrible I use to wake in the night and have to run to the toilet! I had some tablets that help stop diarrhoea from the hospital but over the counter ones should be just as good.

The back ache is a side effect of the treatment and is such a pain I've constantly got back ache and I am struggling to control it so no advice I'm afraid!

I haven't started using the things yet but I was told that as your cervic can become "raggidy" when you use them it can cause some bleeding - this maybe what this is but not as blood?

He wind and bloating I am still dealing with also its horrible I've found having a mint helps sometimes to get rid of the bloating but then the wind comes out too! 

We didn't ask to have cancer and have to deal with all of this so annoying!

Oh the bad stomach doesn't last forever btw

I finished treatment seven weeks ago, still waiting for my follow-up. My side effects are very similar to yours. I always have pink discharge with the dilator and often have other discharge too along with pain.

I had terrible problems with my bladder during treatment and I'm still having them. I took oxybutynin duringtreatment but my Dr didn't want me staying on it. I live on the ground floor in a 6-way houseshare and often find myself needing to run upstairs, it can be quite embarrassing!

Does anyone else still experience nausea? I have it every few days and I'm usually not actually sick, but have been a few times.

It sounds like this is all normal in the after process, so try not to worry and focus on that all clear!  

Thanks for your replies ladies. Really useful to hear from those further along! My Macmillan nurse spoke to the consultant and he isn't worried, it's all normal so that's a relief. She said the bowel issues are called the late-effects of radiotherapy and I am being sent a booklet! I knew it could happen, it just finding ways to work it into everyday life as it's not always possible to go straight away!! Will try mints. Have any of you had the stiff hips?!

Hani do you know when you find out? I haven't had any nausea but it took ages for me to have normal taste again.   If it's only 7 weeks the chemo could still be in your system? The dilator issue is normal! I have a lot of discharge too but I think that is from the hrt I have started xx

I don't have stiff hips but I do get aches and pains now and then as well as back ache. I have issues with my bladder but I have a hole in it due to the cancer and I am waiting to be referred which I need to bring up in my review next week. I also suffer with really bad tinnus is and deafness! Feel like an 80 year old woman!

I was told that chemo, radio and brachy all keep working for 6 months after the treatment has ended as I still suffer from sickness, a horrible taste in my mouth, I'm off Alot of food I use to enjoy and get pins and needles in my hands and feet now and then.

I need go on the scrap heap!!