Side effects - twiches

Hi guys,

I’ve noticed over the last couple of days that my body keeps jerking and twitching it can be my leg, arm, finger when I’m hovering over my phone or anything. It happens when I’m awake or I’m asleep - it started on my 1st session of chemo and has happened ever since.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had this? I’ve never had it like this before it’s not like where your eye twitches it’s like my body is jerking like someone with torrets twitches…

Strange I know - I’m not worried I just wanted to know if anyone else has this

Hi Carmel. I had the same, but it turned out to be the anti sickness meds I was taking. I developed a load of twitches and my movements felt jerky, I was also feeling massively anxious (more so than usual). I'm sorry, I can't remember the name of the tablets but the nurse said it's quite common and it was listed in the side effects - which of course I read afterwards. Could it be that? 

Anne x

Hi annelouise......ive only jut read your post but you have just possibly answered a question ive been meaning to ask my consultant but always forget.I too have this body jerking but ive noticed mines worse when i start to relax if i sit dowm to read the paper thats when i start the extent that its been known for me to rip the paper in half.....and when i sit waiting fot my appointment and i start to relax ive often jerked myself awake to a room full of people starring at me.....funny.....but because you say anti sickness tabllet i do still take cyclozine.I will be doing a little rssearch on thank you for bringing this to my attention.big hug lynne x

Hi, I'm a year post treatment so I don't take any anti sickness now as mine settled a long time a thank god! 

But as the ladie above mentions it's when im relaxing - I have so much stress and anxiety plus depression going on ATM its driving me up the wall!