Side effects started today

After a good couple of weeks,side effect free,it seems they are all showing up today! Never been off the toilet since I woke up,and my mouth has gone seriously funky. Its like everything I eat has the consistency of chewing on wet cardboard,and very little taste at all.
Does anyone know if the taste thing is now there till treatment is done,or will it come and go?
Tracey x

Hey! I think everyone's unique and what might not last long for some might be very persistant with others. I had a very metallic taste in my mouth from like week two and I'd say it's only just truly gone a couple weeks ago, I finished treatment 5 weeks ago. It really put me off eating because everything just tasted like pennies, I just drank loads of ice water and ice pops, they seem to help shift it slightly. Not much help to you all this cause I can't give you a time scale to when yours will end, hopefully soon ! Xx