Side effects post treatment

Hi everyone

My mum developed breathlessness mid treatment and now she’s post treatment by two weeks and it isn’t letting up. I know this can often be a side effect of radiotherapy to the chest and anaemia but it it’s sticking around. Has anyone else had this? 

Also the ‘toilet issues’ she developed during Brachytherapy are still kicking around so she’s unable to leave the house. 

How long do treatment side effects reasonably stay for? 


Hello ,    Cant help with the breathlessness side of things.   However,  the toilet issuses do hang around for quite awhile.    Two weeks post treatment is still very early days it can take a long time for things to get back to some sort of normality.   If your mum can watch what she eats to see if it is a food trigger that causes her problems.   There is no need for your mum to be totally housebound you have to try and plan things with the help of taking some Imodium that settles the bowl movements.   This would allow her to get out of the house which can help heal mind and body.  xx