Side Effects of Brachytherapy?

Hi all, I am 61 and have recently had a full hysterectomy due to endometrial cancer -- stage II because of presence of cancer cells in cervic which was also removed.  Brachytherapy is being recommended (3 doses of High Level) but no beam or external radiation.   I am wondering what side effects people expereinced to the bowel, bladder and vagina, especially over time.  Was there vaginal scarring or long term urinary and bowel probelms?  I think this is the scariest part of the whole any advice or shared experiences would be really helpful! Thanks. Camilla

Sorry Camilla I just had radiotherapy not brachi. My side effects have been OK and manageable. Your specialist nurse or the radiographers will be able to give you more information. They understand that the unknown is scary and some ladies want to know what's going to happen. Good luck with the rest of your treatment x

Hi Camilla,

I've just finished my treatment and had my last of three brachy's last Tuesday. Side effects will vary from person to person. I also had external radiotherapy for a month prior to the brachy. Any side effects I have a re from external. I can't say that I have any new side effects or existing ones made worse from the brachy. At the moment I tend to need to have get to the toilet pretty quick when I need for both bowels and bladder. I have a dilator which I have to start using in a couple of weeks to keep elasticity for future exams but I'm not sure if that's because of the amount of external radiotherapy i've also had so you may not need that, but i don't know.

Overall I haven't too many side effects. None from the brachy. The therapies are a doddle. It dose feel a little strange if you have the spinal as I did, but you soon get used it. 

Good luck Camilla :-)