side effects from having lletz treatment

Hi I know this is gonna sound stupid but im very worried im 25 had my first smear in sept/nov  2013 and ended up having to have the lletz treatment to Remove


ove the cin1 pre cancerous cells they found, ever since the procedure in oct the first few weeks I  was fine no pain no cramps nothing then I had my expected period

But then a week after I finished I had another and ever since they have been on and off over the last month i have had aboutt 3 periods one lasted 2 weeks and have been getting  heavier and painfull and the blood is  bright red   just as they were when I first hit puberty

 I havent had this issue for years as id been on the pill and recently  befor the  smear test in july I got the implant and all seemed fine I was having my same light period othat I normaly had but more on a regular basis I knew when I was due  since  having the implant put in 



can anyone advise is this just me being silly and panicking or is it a side effect of the treatment as my gynea only said that i may get cramps and  discharge and  possibly a bit of a bleed  or could it just be thatt the implant is ineffective ? 

hey. didnt want to read and run! im not sure to be honest as i havent yet had my lletz but i have read it could take a few weeks to heal so it may be just that. i would speak to your gp if you are concerned at all :) x

Hi there, 

Changes in periods aren't a usual side effect from LLETZ but always important to see your doctor if you have any health worries or changes. Your GP will have an idea of the effects of the implant too, and if that could be the cause of what you're experiencing.   

All the best x