Side effects chemo cocktail vs chemorads

For any of the ladies who have had both the cisplatin with radiation as well as the carboplatin/taxol cocktail, can you tell me if the side effects you experienced were similar with the different chemo drugs?  My treatment started with 3 cycles of carbo/taxol and next week I'm about to start the chemorads with the cisplatin. The oncologist said the cisplatin was a breeze compared to the cocktail, and yet I'm having quite a bit of anxiety as I approach next week.

I haven't felt too badly with the cocktail - mild nausea and fatigue, complete lack of appetite, metallic taste in my mouth - and these have only lasted a few days then I felt pretty good again.  I've had a bit of tingling in my toes from day 1 and still have this, though it isn't really that bothersome.  The advantage of the cocktail is that you have so much time in between treatments to recover.

I'm not sure if I should expect the same side effects with the different drug or if ohers have found that there was no correlation between the two drugs.  I know that the fatigue will build and that it's very likely I will be battling some diarrhea issues from the radiation. 

Anyone's experiences, good or bad, would do a lot to put my mind at ease about what is next.




ive had both although i had the cisplatin and radio the 1st time round

with the cisplatin it made me sick after cycle 3 and the radio gave me the runs but i drove myself every day 50 mins drive so it wasnt all that bad 

i had the chemo cocktail mix the second time round didn't have any sickness with that but was put on the sickness tablets that i originally had from the cisplatin so think that kept the sickness away i did find the chemo mix alot more gruelling than the cisplatin and radio

hang in there you'll get through it hun

onwards and upwards

love michelle xx  

I'm not sure why I'm so nervous about starting the chemorads, but I am.  Maybe because of the long drive - about an hour an a half each way - though I don't have to drive myself because I have family who want to come with me everyday.  Or maybe just because I'm feeling so good after the cocktail when so many have felt poorly with it - seems a little backwards, I know...

Thanks so much for sharing, Michelle. It really does help my nerves! :)