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I am getting a little worried about posting too much on here, especially sometimes when I don't get any replies, but anyway saw the oncologist today although the cancer is gone he has recommended 5 weeks of radiotherapy with a weekly chemo treament as well.  Nice man but he baffled me with statistics and outcomes, sometimes I feel things are not talked about as through all of this I havent thought about it cure rates etc etc.  Also felt a little alarmed that I have to have a CT scan now to check the abdomin and lung area for any hidden suprises (gulp) thought I had finished waiting for results......

I have Adenocarcinoma the rarer type of cancer restaged from 1b to 2a1  hence this follow up prevenatative treatment.  Got feeling of my bladder back today, sat watching a film and though wow I need the loo, suddenly realising I felt it :)  

What I would really like to know is could you ladies drive after the chemo and the radiotherapy and did any of you go back to work during? I have had the side effects listed but what should I really expect?

Anyway thats it for now need to muster up more courage for end of sept

Hi Emma,

I can't comment on what to expect with the chemo and radio as my treatment stopped at the rad hysterectomy, though it was a clost call as there was a little lymph node involvement.  Hopefully somebody who has experience of this will be along to to help you soon.  My heart goes out to you having to go through the additional traetment.

I had a CT scan before my rad  hysterectomy (as well as an MRI).  I also had the Adenocarcinoma type tumour.  My comnsultant said that he preferred to give me this scan too as a belt and braces approach as they wouldn't want to embark on any treatment without a full picture.  So I would imagine they need to give you this scan to be very thorough in your next round of treatment.  Which is a good thing.

Sorry I've not really been able to answer any of your specific questions.  I hope you are doing ok.  You are nearly there now Emma.  Sending you lots of positive thoughts so you can get through the next lot of treatment.

Big hugs,

Tess xx





Thanks Tess x


Oh Emma!

Please don't think too badly about lack of replies. I've been reading all your threads/posts since I was diagnosed a few days ago its just that I haven't any advice! What you have written has been enormously helpful to me though and, I'm sure, lots of other people.

I wish I had answers for your questions but I don't. Please don't stop asking them though and please don't stop updating on here. Donna x

Me too - I read every single message that gets posted on here but dont always reply if its not something that I know about as I don't want to say the wrong thing or post something unhelpful. Please don't think that we aren't reading them though or stop posting on here :)

Thinking of you and sending you lots of love, Soph x

Thanks guys its hard to know whats too much and what isnt I could post so much more but am limiting myself, thanks for the support x


I wouldn't limit what you post.  if I couldn't already find the answer on here I asked every single question I had!  If someone knows they will help.  Take care lovely. xx