Side effects after treatment - whats yours?

My mum finished her treatment a week ago. I know its only been a week but there’s so many things I want to ask.
She’s finished her Brachytherapy and she’s started itching down below. They’ve prescribed her some Fluconazole. Is the itching normal? She has waves of sickness and her bowls are all over the shop. Worst thing is constantly feeling to urge to urinate, every hour on the hour usually…

Is this normal? What is everyone else suffering with?

Hi Shavorne :-)

I just found this;

Fluconazole is an antifungal medication that is administered orally or intravenously. It is used to treat a variety of fungal infections, especially Candida infections of the vagina ("yeast infections'), mouth, throat, and bloodstream. It is also used to prevent infections in people with weak immune systems, including those with neutropenia due to cancer chemotherapy, transplant patients, and premature babies. Its mechanism of action involves interfering with synthesis of the fungal cell membrane

Which I think both explains the itching and also suggests it's completely normal after therapy. Sorry to hear that she is experiencing waves of sickness, this will pass fairly quickly. The bowels do take a while to settle down, but again, this does normally improve over time. Give it a few weeks and you should see some vast improvements.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Shavorne,

I experienced bowels and bladder issues after treatment and it is normal. In time, it will improve! For some of us may never quite be as it was before treatment but it is manageable. After  treatment I found that mushrooms, tomatoes, too many green veg, spicy food, onions, would send me rushing to the loo...I had to stick to a low fibre diet for a tad longer - not the best diet when trying to lose weight.

The urge to urinate every hour or more i remember vividly and it is normal. If I was traveling I would not drink any tea or coffee that day and in fact drink very little during the day as I was worried I would not make it in time to the ladies...I didn't want to get any UTIs either so would drink plenty as soon as I would get home...not ideal but it helped. Tea and coffee are diuretics so I started drinking herbal drinks and twinnings have such a great selection.

the itching could be down to the radiotherapy making the skin in that area a lot more sensitive.


hope it helps. I know there are some meds to help with what your mum is going through but I chose to do my healing - as I call it - the natural way.


Big hugs,




This is normal and if she is anything like me it will last about 6 weeks the side effects. I had a bad stomach on and off, being sick, couldn't eat, generally felt like crap had no energy etc I felt like I was going through chemo again as I was so poorly through that! I would also get migraines that would last for days! This has now all stopped (fingers crossed!!) And it will for her too. 

I had itching and pain down below like someone was stabbing me I occasionally get pain in my pubic bone like someone is pinching my nerves down there which is uncomfortable but managed as it's not too bad some times. 

Everyone is diffrent the symptoms may go soon....

I hope she is ok