side affects of radiotherapy?

Hi everyone!

I'm 5 weeks post op of having a rh and in January I have to have some radiotherapy for 5 days a week over four and half weeks.

I've been told of some side affects and was wondering if anyone has been through it and would like to share their experiences as I'm scared. Thanks xx

Facebook user kat slater.

Hi, sorry I can't help, but I wish you the best.  I am thinking I may be in your shoes too soon so keep us posted on how it goes, please!

Hi Kat :-)

I had 25 blasts of radiotherapy getting on for three years ago. My top tip would be to start drinking liquid aloe vera before you start your therapy. I cannot guarantee that it helps but certainly it does no harm. I was very lucky and didn't have much in the way of side effects, there are other women here who have not been as lucky as me and they may well come along here and tell you their stories. I had a bit of 'bowel urgency' toward the end of my course of therapy and my shingles kept flaring up, but apart from that, nothing too hard to handle. I was also having chemo at the same time so that may have made me feel less good than radio on its own. I've written a long and detailed description of my whole journey which you will find in my profile if it's of any interest.

Be lucky


Hi kat...I had a radical in August and then had radio in October for 1B. I anticipated the worst, but it was fine really...a little bowel urgency, but no diarrhoea. They give you Imodium for any loose bowels you may have. I also had some nausea, but they gave me tablets for that. The worst part for me were the vaginal sores, but they only happened at the very end and lasted a few days. It really wasn't terrible, you'll be fine! I wanted to ensure I was in the best physical shape before starting the radio, so I walked, walked, walked for the weeks leading up to starting and I feel this really helped, as a week after it finished I was down the gym!

H xxx

Thanks guys I have my planning scan next week second time hope they can do it this time couldn't last time due to urine infection. 

The exercise thing I can relate to i find if I've sat around all day I'm windy and in alot of discomfort so I will definitely be up and about alot more. Fingers crossed I have no side affects lol but I seem to like to do things the hard way lol. Will let you know how goes. Thanks xxx

Kat :) xx

Hi Kat, 

I had an RH 6 weeks ago and now have to have chemo and radiotherapy

for 5 wks plus a week of internal! Due to start on 12th Jan!

Had planning scan and tattoos done! Now very scared! Let me know how you get on 

we can keep each other posted xx

Good luck :) 

Hi after spending most the summer holidays been blasted I have a few tips... 1. Wear pull up tops and stretchy bottoms you'll be changing every time you go. 2. Drinking time is very important 40mins before each session make sure there are no delays before filling your bladder otherwise you will be uncomfortable while waiting. 3. They recommend what moisturizer to use at the radiotherapy unit and will give you some, use it like it's going out of fashion (your skin will tighten). 4. Drink loads it really does help. 5. It's inevitable you'll get bowel problems tell them straight away they dish out imodium. 6. Two and half weeks in I started getting very tired this only gets worse towards the end so make sure you rest and prepare for it. 7. Anything you are worried about however little tell the radiotherapy team don't Google they want and know what's best for you and they know the solutions. 8. Good luck it's a long slog but remember you won't see the successful cases at the units when you feel down and I can say it worked for me. 

Perfect! Brilliant advice Cal!



hi Kat,

I had 5 weeks of radiotherapy back in oct/Nov. The advice that the other ladies have given is excellent. I had some problems with my belly skin towards the end of treatment which became very sore and infected, so if you notice any changes in your skin on the treatment area get it looked at by your nurse asap.