Side affects after 13 years!

Hi, i joined this forum in 2009/2010 after being diagnosed with stage 2b cervical cancer at the age of 62. The treatment consisted of 5 weeks radiotherapy with 4 weekly doses of cisplatin then brachytherapy. In the last few years i have had bladder problems, not wanting to go on long journeys without knowing where the toilets are etc. Im sure there are many with the same problem. My bowel started ‘playing up’ some time ago which i have been struggling with. I realise ice in drinks is now a no no if i drink it straight away and in the last few weeks i have had the odd accident, thankfully at home, the latest today. I think broccoli could be the culprit but not sure. Does anyone else have similar problems and if so are there are any other foods i should avoid or any, apart from eggs, that would help. I realise all our bodies are different but would be grateful for any advice at all.

Hi Goldfinch and well done on 13 years clear! I am a year post treatment and do have funky bowels at times although I think they are improving. I am convinced that our diet plays an important role in our bowel behaviour and for me it is too many grapes. Definitely… I can have a maximum of 6 with my yoghurt but more than that then Bowels Behaving Badly is a certainty!! I’m sure it will be different for everybody and a process of elimination. Good luck! xx


Hi … I have loads of scar tissue on bowel and bladder 5 years on. Bowel is tricky . I have started taking pro biotics and am trying to eat low FODMAP foods. It’s really helping. It’s for people with IBS but it’s working for me. The cancers gone and I’m grateful every day but the side effects get worse every year.