Sickness after lleetz

Hi all,

I had lleetz on Thursday, and went out for meal & drinks on Fri night as I was feeling fine, but I've felt terrible since. I've had nausea & been sick everyday since, have cramp, lower back pain, & no appetite at all. 
Not sure if I've overdone it, or whether the sickness is related or just a coincidence?
Anyone else felt like this after treatment?


I think with a Lletz this could be a sign that you have an infection but don't panic they can put you on antibiotics to sort it out. Make sure you call the hospital where you had your treatment for advice/ and or get to your gp ASAP.  Sorry to hear you have been feeling rough xxx 

Thank you so much for your response, I actually feel a hundred times better today - think I just over did it! Bit more achy today, but so pleased the sickness has stopped! 


Just need to wait for results now, but feeling really positive!


:0) x

Well keep an eye on things if you feel dizzy/temperature/sick again take it easy and call the docs if resting up doesn't sort u out. Glad to hear u feel better clearly putting your feet up is what you need to recover xxx