Girls need advise. I've been vomiting all day off and on not eaten anything. What can I eat to settle my stomach. First time this has happened also have a horrible headache also which isn't helping 

Hi Secora I always liked salty biscuits like savoys or Jatz to settle afer nausea. I think the salt helps restore your balance. That and coke to get the taste out of your mouth & for the sugar Not healthy I know Jayne

Ginger biscuits helps me :) hope it settles soon xx

Hiya jayne.

Oh will have to try those both thank you so much. Haha at the coke.


Hugs secora xx

Hi Joules. 

Thank you. Going get some of those also.

Feeling wobbly today and bit dizzy as didn't end up eating a thing yesterday 

Hugs xxx