Sick with worry post colposcopy- children mentioned


i'm new but just feeling very confused and anxious following my colposcopy.

I'm 25 years old with 4 children. I have a history of gynea problems and heavy, prolonged periods since i was 9 years old. I had my first smear test on February 2nd. I received a result on 11th with high grade dyskaryosis found. I also got a letter to attend a colposcopy in the post that day. I attended today (18th) and feel like I'm in the dark. From what I can tell she removed 5 largish pieces in a tub of liquid. Think it was the LLETZ? I bled a lot and it took a while to cauterised me. The whole thing took 1hour 15. I started to be able to feel what she was doing. It really shook me up as I wasn't even expecting treatment just thought she wanted to look in my Foof. Anyway, I was a little dazed on top of my shyness and didn't ask anything. I've been in agony for months with no explanation, urine full of blood and white blood cells with no infection to be found, stomach bloating to pregnancy proportions, persistent back ache and weeing urgently and frequently, despite no problems with my pelvic floor muscles. What results am I waiting for? I'd I have cancer or not? Is it normal for them to send off so many chunks? Sorry for the bad grammar and if I don't make sense. Tired and using my phone. 

Any opinions welcome? Just everything seems so quick and my normal gynae cancelled a longstanding appointment. Has put me on edge. Thanks for reading 


It sounds like biposies taken rather than LLETZ to me? Why don't you give the hospital a call and ask to speak to a nurse practitioner who will be able to discuss what you have had done with you and what they are testing for xx


Hi :-)

That definitely sounds like biopsies to me, and I think five samples is within normal range. Yes they will be checking to see the composition of the samples they have removed, they could be completely normal, CIN1, CIN2, CIN3, CGIN or cancerous, so six different options there. Try not to worry too much and certainly call the hospital if that helps as MrsKB has said above.

Be lucky :-)