Sick with worry - HPV, CIN Level 3

I was referred to a specialist on the urgent 2 week referral after experiencing lower back pain, pelvic pain and a lot of bleeding after sex and irregularly. My smear came back as showing abnormalities & a HPV infection and I was sent for a colposcopy and a biopsy.
My symptoms have really flared up and I’m in so much pain. I’ve since been back to my GP who has told me I have some sort of an infection and given antibiotics. They messed up my STI screening so I paid for it privately…it came back negative so there is no infection.
I’ve just spoken to another doctor who has said he can see on the hospital database I have Level 3 CIN but hasn’t explained what it means or what treatment I am likely to need…I have to wait for a letter from the gynaecologist (who has been on holiday for a week apparently)
I’m going out of my mind with worry and don’t know what to think or do.
What treatment have others been given for CIN3 is it a cone biopsy?
Thanks in advance and sorry for the ramble! I just don’t know who else to talk to

Hi lovely, the treatment for CIN 3 varies as im told, i have been told i will have loop to remove my patch of cells (otherwise known as lletz) i also have CIN 3 but my treatment has been put on hold as im pregnant, try not to worry i know its easier said then done but treatment can be fairly effective x


Please try not to worry too much. I know that is much easier said than done, and a bit hypocrytical from myself as all I did was worry. However, I have just came back from having my treatment done and I honestly wish I hadn't of worried so much, as it was nothing! 

I was diagnosed with severe changes, went for a biopsy which I'm not going to lie, was painful but that was purely becasue I wasn't given any anesthetic for it. Results came back as CIN3 and today I went for my treatment, which I believe was a cold coagulation which is basically like a heat probe that burns the cells off. Was given anesthetic this time and all i could feel was the doctor probing around and a little bit of heat. I was given this type of treatment because I only 26 and not had any children yet so is to avoid any complications in the future if i do ever have any. So this might be an option for yourself if you're in the same boat as me. I've also been told i will now be going for 6 monthly smears as well as HPV testing to make sure the treatment worked and of course to keep an eye on things, but my doctor seemed very postive that she had got it all.

I also had to basically find out all of my results myself as the doctors were being so quiet about it all. I had to sneakily read from the doctors screen that I have severe changes and had to actually ask how severe everything was when I was in today as nobody was telling me. 

Please try not to worry as it honestly just makes it worse when it comes to the day you go in. I really hope everything is ok with yourself once you eventually go for your treatment. 


Sam x