sick to my stomach & no replys to recent posts about normal pap & high risk hpv. worried is an understatement

Hi everyone am so sorry to keep posting the samething. Its just i have had no reply and now feel sick to my stomach.  I had my routine yearly smear test at the end of october 2013. When she did it she said i had alot of thrush inside. About two weeks later i got my letter saying pap smear results are normal but i have high risk hpv, i did not no i was being tested for this or what it is. It said as i have turned 30 i was automatically tested. I have googled and googled  and made myself poorly. I have had another letter through for a coloscopy which is 22nd november 2013. 

What freaks me out more is that i have a hard, painless lump under the skin above my bikini line. Its bin there over four weeks that i no of. I have been to the doctors and he has referred me for a scan which is booked in for 20th november.

I am struggling and cant stop thinking the worst of everything. I had my implant out in june of this year and my periods started in august i never had a problem with periods before where as now they are heavy, i get hot and cold flushes, feel tired  and bleed really heavy and last month there was clots unless it was the balance actvia i put up the night before i came on.

I have been having rely bad anxiety and i also gave up smoking on the 31st october 2013 so am 4 days smoke free. I have had weried stomach cramps for weeks also.

Am sorry to keep ranting on just in need of some  advice


X cemone xx

Hi x I had loop today 10 days after receiving smear test resukts which showed abnormal cells. I had 5areas of bad cells removed and Dr said they were CIN3.

Have you tried making an appointment with your GP for a chat about it all? My experience is different to yours so not in a position to advise but I think talking to your GP might be the first step? Xx

Hope it all works out xxx


Now, I'm gonna sound like ur mother here, but calm down!!!

you are winding yourself up something terrible by the sound of it and now think people are ignoring you on here. Don't take offence if you don't get a reply straight away, I read your story last night but didn't feel like I had any great answers for you, others will have felt the same. Sometimes on here you'll get lots of replies, sometimes none, depending on who happens to be reading. You wrote late on a Sunday night so not the best time perhaps for readers, I don't know.

now, deep breath. Well done for giving up smoking, a brilliant thing to do BUT this will be partly what is making you feel so anxious this morning, you are coming off a drug!! It will be very challenging in itself, I know. Are you at home? Ring the GP and make an appointment as you really need to talk through everything you have told us with a doctor in order to help you emotionally. We can give our opinions but we can not see you and are not medically trained :-) the dr will be able to taok to you about all your concerns. If you ring and cannot get an appointment, explain how much you are worried, etc and really are concerned about the symptoms you have.

please do this, it is the best thing you can do. I am sending you lots of positive thoughts and hugs, it is not easy when you are this worried I know. Take care and let us know how you get on xxx


Thanks for your comments i have actually been driving myself  crazy everything i read about this hpv virus is bad and the lump. I cant stop myself from worrying. Its scary as i no so little about this new thimg you are tested for with your smear and the fact no one really has much noliage my spellings crap lol sorry or experiance with it.

Am sorry if i kept going on and on. And the giving up smoking is so hard at the min as all i want to do is have a fag but i wont give in. Am so sad and hurt and scared i wont see my 8 year old daughter grow.

I took your advice and called the doctors and i am getting a call back in the morning xxx

Sorry if i gave you both a headache :( xxx

Yeah!!! Well done for phoning drs!! :-) fabaroo!

you are not giving anyone a headache x

HPV is not new. Most people who have had sex either have it or have had it. Any infections it causes are often self healed by the body but sometimes it can cause cells to go bad and that's where CIN comes into play. CIN 1  2 and 3 are increasing levels of bad cells, not cancerous but pre-cancerous so when seen will be cut out via LLETZ. Again, not cancerous but could lead to cancer OVER TIME if left alone. Almost all of these cell changes are caused by HPV. You can get HPV from someone the first time u have sex and it can lay dormant for years before anythinghappens, if it ever does. It can be passed even with a condom. This is why there is now a jab given in secondary to girls to help protect against certain strains of HPV. As they've found it in you, they will now be looking at it closer, making sure that it is not causing any problems. Try not to think the worse, everyone does, I know. Cc is notoriously slow growing cancer, does not come on in a matter of weeks/months to kill you!!!! 

now, write down all the questions you have for the GP tomorrow and put them in you bag so you don't forget anything!

good luck matey xxx


Hey dons, 

Thanks for your reply bbes it does make you feel a little better talking about it. I have had a little cry. As just get scared as bin on yearly smears for the last four years so i have no idea how long its been there.

I will deffo be making my daughter have her jabs.

I have wrote all my questions down to reel of to the doctor tomoz but i need to get a grip as feel like i cant get through each day each day is a battle. Xxx

You CAN get through this, you just don't think you can.

you are a brave lady with a lot on her plate but you are strong enough to give up smoking so you are strong enough to do this. Give ur little girl lots of extra cuddles and watch her sleep later. This always calms me with my own little girl.

you are being proactive, you get to talk to GP tomorrow. Keep busy tonight!!

big hugs xxx dons

Crying is good! Let it out xxx

agreed a good cry always makes me feel better!

I think once you have a bad smear, you start to relate every single symptom to cervical cancer - I know I did. The lump could be anything from a slightly swollen gland due to an infection to a cyst to an ingrown hair, but your mind will naturally head towards the worst. Its great that your doctor is being proactive and getting you a scan.


As Dons said about 80% of people get HPV at some point, its so common and very hard to avoid! In some people it causes cells to change but in the majority it doesnt. The good news is your smear was normal which is really promising. Yes you tested postive for HPV but this means they can get you in and just double check everything is ok down there - before HPV testing you would have returned to 3 yearly smears. Try to be positive that you get this chance to make sure everything is ok 

Good luck



Quick update I am still very anxious and the dates are so far away. I did speak to the doctor yesterday but she wasnt very helpful and the phone call ended with me more confused.

I feel like am losing wight I have never been so scared in my life. I will keep everyone updated xxxxI

Hello hun!

okay firstly... STOP GOOGLING!! That is one of the worst things you can do, TRUST ME I've done it all myself & you only torture yourself with worry!! I was by the nurses not to google whatsoever!! I had my first ever smear in October of this year & I got my results back saying 'low grade dyskariyosis' and evidence of HPV.. naturally the first thing I did was panic! All I could think about is 'I'm gonna get cancer' I started upsetting myself thinking of the worst & imagining how my beautiful baby boy would cope without me & that I would miss his whole life.. this broke my heart! I started to google EVERYTHING that was to do with HPV etc.. My boyfriend was NOT happy cause he could see how upset I was making myself! Googling is the worst thing you could do.. Anyway, I got my appointment through for my colposcopy & had that on the 4th of November (this month) I was a nervous wreck, especially when I went into the changing area, I just didn't know what to expect! My nurses were lovely - I asked as many questions as I could think of, whether I sounded silly or not, I wasn't gonna take my chances of missing anything! During my colposcopy the nurse talked to me the whole time about my little boy & everything which made me feel more comfortable. So as she was looking at my cervix through the microscope (oh by the way, I have high risk HPV) as she was looking she said she was gonna take 2 biopsies which was fine & didn't hurt at all! I was actually quite surprised as I thought it might be painful. Anyway, after she was done she explained to me that everything looked 'normal' & they may have got it wrong in the letter when they say I was CIN1 & that it just looks like I have the HPV virus which isn't nice BUT at least everything was normal! 

Now.. Well done for giving up smoking!! :) but PLEASE stop panicking - HPV can turn itself around & just clear out your body like any other virus! Think of it as having a cold.. What do you do to clear a cold? You just eat healthy & take your vitamins.. I know high risk HPV can cause pre cancerous cells & that alone is a worry BUT it takes years for CC ro develop & they have you in the system so nothing will happen to you! I have to live life knowing I have a virus that can potentially cause cancer, but the positive side to this is, it can be flushed out your system if you have a good strong immune system! So up your vitamin dosage & just have a healthy lifestyle. Vitamin C does amazing things to the body.. I have recently bought tubs of vitamins lol honestly, put the worry to the back of your mind & concentrate on the good positive things in your life.. 

You will be fine.. You're in the best hands :) now enjoy life!! Nothing in life is promised, anything can happen anyday in your life, it's just up to you to make the most of it! :D


if you need or want anyone to talk too, I am more than happy!!

Big hugs. Xxx