sick of feeling like this

Hey, everyone! ! Well I've woken ip in a feeling very apprehension about my my appointment monday. I keep thinking its going to be bad news, my partner doesn't understand how it feels going to these appointments, I find them very scary. My mum says it could be the symptoms of the menapause starting as im crying at the smallest thing, even songs on the radio lol...anyway rant over hope you ladies are well xx

aww bless you big hugs hun what is ur app for i go in tusday for llets :(

hope you feel better soon hunni x

Hi. Im not sure, pathology report showed some vascular invasion from the tumor. They said further treatment was up to me!!! Maybe they have decided st my MDT meeting…hate over thinking and waiting …good luck for tuesday xx

Over thinking is my middle name. I'm waiting on results from Llerz and i have mammo on monday to check i'm still negative for breast cancer. My hubby just smiles and drinks his wine. I feel like screaming haha

Haha, I feel like glugging back a bottle or two lol, hope everything goes well for you. I ended up phoning and asking my nurse yo see if there was going to be anymore surprises on mon and its just about further treatment, so today feeling a lot more positive :slight_smile: x