Shpuld i go straight for a colposcopy?

I had abnormal smears, was referred to Coposcopy which led to HPV (don't know which type) and had loop diathermy. Smears normal after that and annual smears normal (last one July 2014). Over the last couple of months I've had slight bleeding after sex- haven't had this since before previous abnormal smears, watery vaginal discharge and occasional lower back pain. I'm also really tired just lately, I know all symptoms could mean something else and be unrelated GP has sent me to have another smears- should I ask to go straight for a colposcopy?

Hi Sarah,

Sorry that you're going through this again with the worries you have. It's encouraging that you've been having normal smears, and also that your GP has listened to your concerns and is sending you for another smear. I'm sure tht if anything shows up in the smear result they would send you to colposcopy, but in my limited experience it wouldn't usually be straight to colposcopy when you've had a normal last smear so it sounds like the GP is being helpful. Also, while it's understandable you're linking your symptoms to abnormalities, generally cervical abnormalities don't have symptoms and it's important to remmeber there can be many other explanations for gynae issues.

If there were any signs of abnormality from the smear then it's likely they would send you to colposcopy again. If the smear comes back normal and you're still concerned about symptoms, you can ask for a gynae referral. That way thy'll be looking at you as a whole, rather than referring you for one examination. From a gynae appointment they can refer for any tests they might be needed (ie internal ultrsound, pelvic scans as well as colposcopy).

I hope this is some help, and that you get your appointment and smear result soon. 

All the best x