Should my letter mention margins??

I was 22 when I started experiencing bleeding after intercourse so went to the doctor worried because I had a friend who died from cervical cancer around the same time (aged 24.) I was referred by my doctor for a colposcopy and a smear test aged almost 23 everything came back fine and I was told I had an ectropion which is perfectly normal and could be due to me being on the pill and this was the cause of my bleeding. My doctor told me I could have it removed but it may or may not work so I left it, and was told if I wanted another smear test to keep my mind at rest to go back in a year and she would refer me for one. 


So just after one year later I went back to my doctors to request a smear test as she said, but the doctor I had seen had left, and the doctor I seen told me she couldn't do me one because I wasn't 25. I then went back about 4 more times and each time I got refused a smear test. I was also told even when I turned 25 I couldn't have one as it would be rejected because my last smear wouldn't be 3 years old. So eventually I rang my local hospital and spoke to someone in gynaecology and she told me to ring the doctors reception and say I had spoken to someone in the hospital and I needed to be booked in for a smear test. And that was it, as simple as that after asking 5 times I got a smear test the week before my 25th birthday. 2 weeks later my results came back as high grade diskaryosis and I had to be referred to the colposcopy. 


This was 4 days before I was due to go on holiday, so I went on holiday for 2 weeks absolutely worried out of my mind but luckily I had managed to book my colposcopy appointment for the day I got back. 


When I went for my colposcopy I knew there was a chance I would have to have the cells removed and was so so scared it was going to be painful and cause me pain after but it really wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. The gynaecologist did a loop diathermy, which was uncomfortable of course and the injection into my cervix was quite painful but after that I didn't feel much at all and was quite surprised when it was over and I had barely any pain after aswell. 


The gynaecologist then told me she had removed whatever was there which would be sent for a biopsy and I would receive the results within 4 weeks (I got them just before 4 weeks) and that was the longest 4 weeks of my life. I was soooo happy when I got my letter saying it confirmed what my smear had said and there no cancer present, and due to this reassuring result no intervention was needed and I would just need another smear in 6 months time. 


I have since started reading these forums and noticed a lot of people mentioning 'margins' which ensure all of the abnormal cells were removed and there are normal cells surrounding, but my letter didn't say this so I'm worrying a little and hoping it was all removed :(


I hope everyone else receives the results they are hoping for and if anyone is worried about bleeding down there don't stop asking and pushing for a smear test because I am so glad I did


:) xxx